June 30, 2004

Moon Child

I don't even know what to say. I was so NOT a Gackt fan but I saw this movie on BitTorrent and decided to leech it. I'm glad I did. This is one of the best movies I have EVER seen. I still can't believe how good it was. I've heard Gackt fangirls chatting about it in the past so immediately I assumed the movie was shit. I'm not one to pay attention to fangirl ramblings especially about somebody who I don't think can sing worth crap. He can apparently act his ass off though. If you people out there can get to see this movie, you definately should. It has lots of action in it and some parts I was just moved to tears (especially how it ended). I think this show has something for everybody. Hmm isn't Hyde from L'arc~en~ciel?? This is definately a must see movie.

Before I forget, I made it to my interview yesterday but I think I bombed like all hell. To make it so bad, the questions on the test I had to take, a 5th grader could have answered. Was just simple addition and subtraction. One part was multiplication and then simple fractions and the last part was like john had 5 apples and suzy gave him 9 apples so how many does he have left kind of shit. This is why I think i failed it. If it had hard shit on it I would have made it. But it was TOO easy so I'm almost positive I failed. I got done with the test before my time ran out and went back over my answers. I couldn't go over them all but on some I did have massive errors that didn't even make sense. I don't know what the hell I was doing. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now I guess. Will just have to wait until I go back tomorrow to see if I made it or not. I don't think I did but my mom tells me I shouldn't worry. I hate waiting. Why can't they tell you this kind of shit over the phone.

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June 29, 2004

I wish i could drive >.>

Geeze, it's so hard to get a ride anywhere these days. My ride yesterday was late so I couldn't make my interview. I probably couldn't have gone to it anyway because I didn't have that criminal background check and I couldn't find my light bill (the people want all that stuff for whatever stupid reason). I have everything today but I can't get a fucking ride. It's my hope that my brother will come home from PT and be able to drop me off there. If not I don't know what the hell I'll do. My interview is at 8:30. The guy who picked me up yesterday says he's just not a morning person and I take that as he doesn't want to come over anyways so he'll say anything. Oh well, guys are like that I suppose.

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June 25, 2004

stupid shit

Let me tell you about the bitches who live in public housing. I'm not talking about the regular people. I'm talking about the fucking hood rats who have nothing better to do than stand on the corner smokin' blunts and shit. These people will steal from their own grandmothers. My mom left her bike outside on the porch like two weeks ago. I fuckin told her not to leave it out there and you know what happened right? Yep, some bitch ass nigga stole it. She has been upset about it for two weeks. She has been leaving the back door open since then so she can look out there. Today must've been her lucky day. She saw one of the boys who live around here riding the damn thing. She went out there and told the guy that was her bike. She told me there was someone else with him. The other guy was like man don't give it to her and shit. The kid who was on the bike gave it back though. I know she was glad.

I didn't get that criminal background check that I needed today. I will have to fucking rush and get it Monday. The place opens up at 8a.m. so I'll have to hope they don't take their time about it. My interview is at 9a.m. and I can't fucking miss it. There are a lot of people trying to get into these classes and they only happen every 3 months. Shit.

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Selling WHAT!?

You know people are actually selling gmail accounts on ebay and shit. I hear they were going for 10 bucks but now they sell for around 5 or 6. Some people are so retarded. I'm sure google will roll out gmail for the public at large within the next couple of months. Waste of money IMO. If I could invite people I'd sure as hell sell the invites to somebody who wanted the account bad enough lol.

I had a new dream today. The really good part of it I've forgotten. I remember another part of the dream that wasn't associated with the first part at least. I was at a house. There was a family get-together maybe. The house had a lot of corridors and different floors. Everybody was scattered in different rooms. My Aunt Ann had asked me to get her blanket and a pillow out of one of the rooms. She said it was near some piece of furniture. I don't remember what it was called anymore was sort of like one of those tall thingys you hang your clothes and shit in but anyways. There were a lot of those things all around the house and one of my uncles was saying that there were and that I wasn't that clueless. This wasn't your regular house though, some of my cousins/aunts who had died in the past still remained in the house (I don't mean they actually died I'm just assuming everybody who was in the house was either an uncle, aunt, or cousin...). The ones who's spirits remained behind each had something representing them. There was this one girl who was a bad person and one of the top rooms had her representation. It was like a big cloud of plastic multi-colored rings. And if you threw another ring into it, it would be disrupted and the person banished. Nobody liked her and some of the family was in a circle throwing a ring back and forth and the one person who didn't want her banished was trying to intercept it.

Another part of the dream while I was searching for that god damn blanket was me hearing a baby crying. I walked into a room that held one of my cousins (I don't really know if it was a cousin ... just assuming it was) and my nephew was on another bed across the room asleep. I had said I heard him crying but that it couldn't have been. I heard the voice of a baby and my nephew is like 7 now and his voice isn't the same as back then. I don't really remember what that sequence was about, I do remember that my brother was in another room watching porn videos while I was looking for something (he watches porn videos a lot).

Somehow I ended up outside, in the back of the house I guess. I was sitting on the steps and some of the relatives were out there. The kids were running around and shit. Everybody was talking about something and one of my cousins (who looked like somebody i went to college with hmmm ...) had said that things for them will change once they get our age.

I do remember some of the previous part of my dream now that I'm typing this up. I think that I had it because I've been reading Gantz manga too much (an awesome series btw, everybody should get it by any means necessary hahaha). I was in a room sitting at some sort of controls and there was something going on outside. But the people inside with me were sort of dying, it's like they were melting but it's not really how it was I just can't describe it better. I know that one of them was behind me asking for help and I wouldn't turn around because I didn't want to see how he looked (originally he looked like Haku from naruto and I didn't want to see him like that I guess). Nobody else could go out and fight so I volunteered. That's when things switched to the house and what not. That's all I can seem to remember. I need to start writing what I dream about in my notepad. I keep it on my bed but It's mostly to write down songs that come on the radio that I plan to look for later. Seems like only the good variety stuff comes on late at night while most people are asleep. They always play the same shit over and over and over again during the daytime. Fuckers. Nobody likes hearing the same shit always and the good songs only when you're asleep and halfway dreaming in the middle of the night.

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June 24, 2004

Gmail and some other stuff

I got a GMail account yesterday. It looks ok. There's NO way to make seperate folders to put stuff in. Instead you get an 'All Mail' folder and you can give messages certain labels (like I have all messages from webdesign-L.com listed as mailing list). I guess it doesn't matter since you'd be able to used advanced search to find anything in particular you might be lookin for. I do like how it automatically displays things in the same thread of conversation. That's a really good thing to have if you're following a particular line of discussion on mailing lists or just to be organized. Overall I like Gmail. The text links it offers on the side aren't all that annoying and some people might actually find them helpful. I'm looking at a particular message thread where somebody is asking about background images and z-index and I see gmail has links about css and such on the side.

Well, I go for my interview Monday. I'm seriously ready to begin classes all ready. I'll need to buy myself a bus pass or something since I won't be able to get any other kind of ride to them. I still don't have that criminal background check though. If I don't get it tomorrow I'll be able to over the weekend so I'm not worried about it.

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June 22, 2004

Nothing at all

I am so damn bored. I don't really feel like writing anything. Don't have anything interesting to make note of anyways. My sis is still as unhelpful as ever. She was supposed to call me yesterday and didn't. She really hits a nerve with that shit. If you say you are going to call someone back you need to do that. She just doesn't care but that's ok. I have to go to that interview for enrichment services to see if I'll be able to go to the CNA classes Friday. I still don't have the criminal background check they say you have to have. I'll get it done before it's too late, or so I hope.

My brother will be moving out of here soon. The military says he has to start going to some debt consolidation classes starting Monday. I don't see how he's 10k in debt and can't get it down any. He makes like 1400-1600 dollars a month. I wasn't able to make a payment on my credit card yesterday either. Oh well though.

I guess that's it for today. Don't even know why I bothered posting anything. Not like I have readers :P

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June 19, 2004

The Horror of Defeat

I was on pandanet last night. I wasn't really in the mood to play but I accepted somebody's challenge. He was listed at 28k and only wanted 9X9 game so I figured why not. I had a fun time playing but I lost like four games to him. I seriously had my ass handed to me. I can see why too though, he plays a lot more often than I do. He's played over 100 games and I haven't even played 20 against an actual person. He was nice to talk to as well. I don't think he's actually 28k though. He hasn't been rated by the server yet but I think he has to be stronger than that. I've played a rated 28k before and I beat the hell out of them. I should really play more games even if I'll probably lose most of them. I do want to get better but just don't have the courage to challenge people. Most of the time I don't accept challenges either. I need to start. I won't get better until I start playing a lot more than I do now. Once or twice every couple of weeks just isn't enough.

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June 18, 2004


My phone was so turned off today. It was off and I didn't even know it since I was still online and everything. Crazy. My aunt had paid 179 dollars to have it turned back on and told the collection people some bogus story so they'd turn it on instantly. I don't have to pay my aunt back all she spent which is good since I'm broke. She only wants 50 dollars back. I'll see if I can get up the money in the next couple of weeks. She rawks.

My sister called me a short while ago (its past 7p.m., am just editing out a few choice comments from this entry lol). She said she didn't even remember saying she'd help with the phone bill...I asked her if I could borrow 350 dollars though and she said she'd see. I'm not going to hold my breath, however. I could really use the money considering I have these fucking bills and no cash to pay them with. Will have to see.

The damn credit card people called me this morning. Said they wanted a 35 dollar payment by Monday or I'll get even more charges added on to what I all ready owe. I seriously doubt I'll come across any cash over the weekend. I don't really care though, my phone/dsl are on and I can get online so none of that other shit matters to me right now hahaha.

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Down to the wire

My aunt said she would pay $65 dollars on the phone bill today. My sister says she'll pay $100 so I may be able to be online still. If my uncle is going to call me, he needs to damn call me soon. It wouldn't take me long to make a website for him. I could have the layout done in a day. I tend to be very quick when money is involved.

Just in case nobody noticed, there's a gift button at the bottom of the blog navigation. So send me $5 dollars if you have it to spare, I'd appreciate it. It's via paypal and I can accept credit card payments :). You could always decide to send more than that on your own, however, and I'd be very grateful. I need the cash seriously (not that anyone out there is listening).

Not much going on today or yesterday for that matter. Just worrying about if I'll be able to stay online or not. My sister can be a very fickle person sometimes. It is my hope that she comes through for me because she does owe me like $300 bucks that she never repaid. I plan on bringing that up when she calls me today (she better call anyways). I think I'll send her an e-mail asking her to call me.

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June 17, 2004

Mou Sukoshi

I had another odd dream. I was back in the old hood but this isn't a dream I've had before. There was this old white guy who was down and out I guess. As the dream progressed I was always with him you know keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn't hurt himself. He began to get better and better. He had asked me where the best place to get a car was and I said Carl Gregory (as I looked over there was a big building with the name on it behind the houses). We went there and he was going through the process of getting himself a very expensive car and I asked if he'd buy me one. I told him that it didn't need to be expensive, just something to get me from A to B and he said no. I told him that I had always been there for him and now that he's back on his feet the least he could do was help me. For some odd reason while we were in there getting the car he was becoming a woman. After he had finished his change and gotten his car we had parted ways in the place. One of the ladies in the shop was saying how dirty it was that he wouldn't help me and Richard Gere was in there too shaking his head. I don't know what the hell that was about lol. I woke up after that (well a few more things had happened in the dream but I can't remember it well enough to say what it was).

A friend sent me an im on msn yesterday asking did I refer somebody to his web hosting service. I wish I had since they bought a 500 dollar package. I would have gotten 100 bucks. I told him I didn't know who they were since anybody that I would have referred would probably want to host BitTorrent files on there and that site had lots of rar files and mp3 files and they weren't in english. I didn't know what that stuff was. I did download some of the music files and it sounded pretty good lol. Before I had downloaded it I told him you better hope that's not some sort of terrorist site or something that they've put up. You never know these days.

I need 100 more dollars and I'll be able to still be online. My brother paid 50 dollars on the bill and my aunt said she'd send me 50 when she gets paid today. My sister is my last hope. She said that she would be able to help but not until friday. If don't fall in line like I planned I'm going to be screwed. Just a little bit more :)

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June 15, 2004

That's MISS James

My sister called me this morning. She was all super hyped up too. Said that she wants to start up a business. My sister is a registered nurse (RN) but she plans on going to college and at least get an associate degree in business administration. So she calls me up and is like if you are going into nursing we need to start up our own home health care business. She says she wouldn't want to hire certified nursing assistants (CNA) because they aren't all that dependable, she'd just want to hire licensed practical nurses (LPN) and RN. That sounds like a good plan. Once I get my CNA classes out of the way I could go back to college and go into a business course as well. It'd only take me like a year to get my associate degree since I've taken all of the core classes. I could go into their RN program after that so I'm probably talking about two years or so of school. I should finish up right around the time my sister does if she stays on course. That would seriously kick ass. She says she's tired of being a nurse and would rather have people work for her. She wants to retire by the time she's 40. She has a good 15 years to get something going then. Hell she was so excited about it that she got me interested.

I still haven't finished my room. I've cleaned some of the stuff off of the floor and shit but it still looks chaotic. I doubt it'll ever really look clean unless I move stuff around. Oh well, this is just going to have to do for now. I need some god damn dust wipes, I know that. Is crazy dusty in here.

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June 14, 2004


They are having an inspection today and my apartment looks like a hurricane blew through the kitchen and my room. I cannot seem to tackle my room. I'd have to move EVERYTHING out of here to really clean it. I have dust bunnies everywhere and boxes and shit that I haven't moved in like a year. My room is all ready TINY and I can barely move around. I don't know why I didn't do this last night. I had a bit of a headache though but I should have just sucked it up and got it done. They will probably say they want to evict me because my apartment isn't spotless. I hate public housing. I wish I could afford to be somewhere else. This really gets on my nerves. You'd think they'd have better things to do than harass people. I got charged 80 dollars just because they replaced some hinges on the cabinets. 80 FUCKING DOLLARS. What kind of shit is that. That's just regular wear and tear. Not like that shit was brand spanking new when I moved in here. And it's been two years since anybody has even looked at those cabinets. I'm in need of a new stove as well. That's probably a 150-200 dollar charge I'm going to get from that. I don't know how they expect me to pay when I don't have a job.

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I've been having such strange dreams lately. By the time I end up trying to type about them I forget a lot of what happened. The one I had last night had like multiple things going on. I was in the old neighborhood that I use to live in when I was a kid. I ended up at some fancy apartments but they were like mini mansions almost just close together and was meeting some of the residents. One was a red head and I had gave her a pink bowl as a gift (I have a pink bowl and I'm the only one who eats out of it, am very peculiar about it and I get mad if it's not in the cabinet where I keep it). There was some other lady and she had this pretty plant on the outside of her door. The third people were a married older couple who had just moved in. Everybody was nice. Next thing I know I was back out on the street in another part of the hood and I saw something I wasn't supposed to. I can't recall what though. I was being chased by some crooked cops so I was trying to get away. There was a lady driving a red car who told me to get in. She took me back to the apartments because she lived there. I told her that I knew people who lived in 2 of the apartments. As she drove past I pointed out the apartment of the lady who I gave a pink bowl to and the one who had the plant. Then I remembered the married couple and she was like 'oh that guy's wife died a while back' and I was really sad about it because they were really nice. I don't think I thought about how much time had passed since I'd been to the apartments. Anyway she took me to her apartment and it looked familiar, it had pictures and things in it but I don't remember who all was in them. It was the apartment the married couple use to have. And the man came in and I told him how sorry I was and I gave him a hug and a kiss. After that I woke up (was 3:31 a.m.). I had set my alarm clock and it went off. That's all I can remember about that particular dream. I do know that I haven't had it before.

I tend to have recurring dreams sometimes. But it might take me years before I have one of the ones that I'm use to having. The last time I had one, it was a mix of the dreams. It started off with me in an old house that I use to live in. The damn thing was a death trap. Was so many termites that when you had the heat on it would look like the wall was moving because it got so hot they all came out of the walls. We were really poor back then and couldn't afford anything else. Was 3 bedroom house though. In the dream the inside of the house was many stories high with stairs going all around it. And there were these skeleton zombie things coming for me and my brother. We were trying to get out of the house. I told my brother to go ahead because I wanted to get my sister out (she's like 4 years older than we are). I ran to her room and she was lying in bed. I told her we had to leave but she just looked at me and wouldn't get up. The skeletons were coming and I was trying to pull her out of bed but she wouldn't leave so I had to leave her there. I was running for the door. I saw my brother and he was right in front of me but when he got out of the door it closed behind him. I tried to open the door but the damn thing just would not open for anything. The skeletons were almost able to reach me and I was finally able to open the door and get out of it.

The next sequence of the dream starts in the same hood but on a different street. There is this house there that one of the kids I use to know lived in. For some reason me and my brother went in and the inside of the house was like a cavern with lots of ice in it. It began to be like some sort of video game. I remembered it from a previous dream so I knew to pick a different way to go in there than the one I picked last time because something bad had happened when I chose to go the way I originally wanted to go. There was stuff in that dream that was like children of the corn lol with huge fields and stuff. I haven't had this dream in YEARS so I don't really remember much more about it other than being chased by something. It always tends to be an exciting dream. All of the recurring dreams that I have would probably be considered nightmares by some people. I like having them though, the thrill of them because I can tell I'm just dreaming when I have them. Is fun trying to control what happens in the dream or to change what I did since the last time I had it.

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June 13, 2004

God damn, the heat

I can't take this for too much longer. I'm burning to death. Its really cloudy today and I've been hearing thunder. I'm not too enthusiastic about getting rain since it's only going to get hotter after it stops. It's 88 degrees and rising. I'm too scared to turn the AC on since my light bill is all ready 150 dollars. That's a lot to me considering it use to be 40 bucks a month before central air was installed. I need a job so bad. I don't want to get one while I'm taking those classes though. I might be forced into getting at least a part-time job. I'd hate it though, I don't want to be distracted.

I know that a big part of taking nursing classes will be knowing a lot of terms and that is the bane of my existance. I am not good at memorizing definitions, hell I can hardly spell. Each time I even think about it, I remember taking a class in HTML Basics in college. I didn't want to be there but the instructor wouldn't let me exempt the course. Didn't matter that I've forgotten more about building websites than he'll ever learn. But anyways his big deal was memorizing a bunch of definitions. To this day the only thing I remember from taking his classes is that Tim Burners-Lee (I think I spelled his name right) invented the web. I still can't tell you the definition of computer ver batim like his pet students. I must admit it was always hilarious when he called upon somebody (other than me) to tell the new people the definition. All of the tests that guy gave centered on definitions. I'm somebody who, even though I can't tell you the book definition of something, you can tell me how you want a page to look and I can slap it together in record time depending on how much in the mood I am. I told the instructor so. I told him I could not memorize those definitions and I wasn't even going to make an attempt to do so. Needless to say I failed every test he gave in there. I have practical knowledge of web design -- and I'm self-taught by the way. That's what anybody who is looking for is going to hope somebody working in that field will have. They will not be impressed that you know a bunch of definitions. I tried to get that point through to him. In the end I think that I did because even though I failed EVERY SINGLE test in his class, I still got an A. I think upon my time in college fondly though. I regret that I didn't get to finish but I'll not jump onto that soap box just yet.

Its starting to cool down. I'm sure its because it wants to rain. I planned on washing clothes today but I guess not. I have to clean my very extremely messy room today. Public housing is such a drag. There will be an inspection tomorrow and if everything isn't in top shape they can evict you. I don't see why these people should even give a damn. Not like i'm breeding rats in here or something.

My uncle is supposed to call me sometime soon. My sister told me he wants a website made for him. I've no idea why he would call upon me. I know that my mother always tells her sister about me whenever she calls her (and her sister and him speak often I guess and my sister calls him often as well maybe?). He works at some university I think. I'm not entirely sure, I don't keep in touch with any of my relatives from my mother's side. I thought he was a lawyer or something *shrug*. Anyway if he wants to pay me I'll do whatever the hell he wants. I could sure use the cash, I know that. I hope that I will be able to get the money to pay my phone bill by the 15th. I would hate to get my service turned off. I've had this number for two years now, it would be particularly shitty if I had to lose it over some crap. This is why my brother makes me so sick. 1600 dollars a month and he acts like spending 200 a month on the little bills here is fucking breaking his ass. Makes you wonder what all he spends the rest of it on. But that's ok, its his money. He can do whatever the hell he wants to do. I should start cleaning but I think I'm going to watch some more kare kano. I haven't watched that series in over a year. Is still just as good as the first time I watched it. I need to buy the dvds sooner or later, would be well worth the money.

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June 12, 2004

So sleepy

I woke up about 15 minutes late for the game with Hane Naoki and it was all ready on the 56th move (It started at 6a.m. EST). I'm a particularly bad go player anyway so even as the game progressed I didn't know what the hell went on. The game was between him and the members of PandaNet and he won. I think the jist of it was black not playing aggressively enough. I have the SGF file uploaded here if anyone wants to look at it. Hane is of course white and the members were black. Not much else to write about yet.

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June 11, 2004

Where has all the anime gone :(

Sometime yesterday the mircx anime bt page had a notice on it saying ADV wanted them to take down certain torrents so the entire torrent section was down. Now the page seems to have disappeared altogether. ADV sucks balls seriously. I see downloadanime is moving so their torrents are down too. God damn what's going on. I guess i'll just have to join a few more irc channels to see what's out.

I was looking on the pandanet website and I see that Hane Naoki will be playing on IGS on June 12th(Saturday) at 10:00-12:00 CET. Now all I have to do is figure out what time that is EST over here lol. Members get to suggest moves. Should be fun to watch. I only have an account on the server sadly so I couldn't make suggestions even if I wanted to. I'd have to pay them (its only 4 bucks a month tho...) to become a memeber and well I don't know that much about go even though I like being on pandanet. Maybe when I actualy get a job lol.

I got a ride to the post office yesterday so I could get some stamps and mail my credit card payment. Now maybe those bitches will stop calling me. Absolutely nothing going on today it looks like. Is early and I'm all ready bored to tears. I want to work on my site but I can't seem to get into the mood. I installed around 230 fonts back to my computer but I think I'm missing some. Could be on one of the cds in my brother's room. I guess I'll listen to some music this morning and chat on irc.

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June 10, 2004

Stupid Dreams

Well it's going to be another hot day here in Georgia and I've just woken up an hour ago. I permed my hair last night and twisted it so I could comb it out and have waves in it this morning. Was just something to do I guess. I permed it at around midnight, who knows why I waited so long.

I had a crazy dream last night. I can barely recall it now though. It had some guy in it who I was dating and he was on a motorcycle. For some reason somebody was saying did he like me or something and he pulled down his pants and he had my name tatooed on his ass. Dunno then all of a sudden I was in school I guess. In a computer lab. The computer I was at was all fucked up since it ran windows and I was asking the instructor for the restore discs lol. Damn I should have typed this up sooner because I've forgotten a lot about the dream. I don't remember what we were doing in class exactly other than it being history I think.

I called my Aunt last night. She was getting her nails done. Must be nice to have extra cash for that sort of thing. Just wanted to shoot the breeze with her for a while. Asked how she was doing and all that. She seems to be handling her mom's death pretty well, has been a couple of months since she passed. I hope I live to be 84, that would kick ass. Only if I were well off though if I'm poor as dirt I'd rather not make it past 60 thanks :P.

I'm off to go to the store. I need a postage stamp. Hopefully the mom and pop shop up the street sells them. If not I'll have to walk to the post office and that damn place is not all that close. Sucks. My credit card payment probably won't make it in time for me to avoid a late charge but oh well. One of those asshole collectors called me just now. They make me sick. They call asking for me by my first god damn name and when I ask who it is and what they want they only say their first name and claim that it's a personal business matter. I hang up on them if they say that shit. If it was a legitimate business matter other than harassment they would say what the hell they were calling for. Seems like it's only the women that fuck around. The guy collectors who call will tell you they are from the credit card company. Somebody needs to do something to those bitches.

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June 09, 2004

Different Day, Same BULLSHIT

Well this is my very first post for sounanda and a big welcome to everybody. If anyone is wondering how I came up with sounanda, it means 'so that's how it is' in japanese. It just has a good ring to it don't you think? I don't really know what I'm going to do with this website. I don't even know why I want to have a blog in the first place since my life is so very uninteresting. I spend most of my time chatting and downloading music/anime on rizon under the names Ryo-ohki, x_Ryo-ohki_x, or Cabbit-sama. If you're ever in animeone say hi to me :)

Anyways I'm in a particularly bitchy mood. My phone bill is over 200 bucks (for phone and dsl). Seems that the horror that is bellsouth didn't take payment last month even though I got a confirmation number and everything when I paid online. I did it using my bro's check card and now he's saying he isn't going to pay any of the bill. That bastard. I have NO money at all. I have like 10 dollars in my bank account lol. Oh well though. I might be offline by next week for a while if I can't cough up the money somehow.

What should I do with this site I wonder? The only things I like are anime, japanese music, and playing go. And I suck big time at go so I can't possibly make a site about that lol. Well I could you know, make a site of my struggles to get better (I never was good at applying myself at anything even if I like it so who knows). I like playing against friends on pandanet. Amazingly none of them have ever beaten me but strangers seem to kick my ass. I'm not rated on pandanet yet. I have to play against 20 rated players but I'm too shy to challenge people to games at random like that. Half the time I decline matches. I'm not confident enough to play anybody on a 19X19 board yet :( I know that sucks but I should really study or something damn.

Lesee, one thing going on is me taking classes to get a CNA (certified nursing assistant) license. Where I live (in Georgia) CNAs don't get paid shit. Minimum wage. I've been told that you get a raise every 6 months but that sucks. You'd think you'd get more doing nursing than you would flipping burgers but I guess not. I think private duty nurses do make more than the ones sucked into working in nursing homes so I plan to look in on that. I want to go back to college so bad to at least get a business degree. I might go back to become Registered Nurse if possible. I'll have to see after these classes are up. They start in July and go on for 3 months. I can't wait. Anything beats sitting around this place doing jack all.

That's all for now. I might actually do something here or I might not, won't know until I get some stuff worked out.

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