September 26, 2005

A Few Updates

Well, It's been a couple of months since my last post. Mostly because I'm such a lazy bastard. I don't work at fountain city anymore. I had to quit in june and save my sanity. I'm now doing home health. I only work on the weekends but I make 8 bucks an hour. An improvement on the 6.75 I was making working in a nursting home and breaking my god damn back. There isn't much else to say on the job front. I'd like to be making more hours, I only make hours on the weekend. It isn't much but its enough for now. I'd make more if I had a car. I'm working on that, however. My brother says he's going to send me 1K on the 1st of October so that I can try to get a vehicle. I've seen a couple of good prospects so I'll have to see. My sister said She'd send me some money as well and it is my hope that she keeps to it. She doesn't have a good history with that sort of thing, however.

My mother seems to be doing well in Kansas. She's getting her own apartment. My sister called and told me how it looked and what not. She wants me to leave Georgia and move to Kansas but I don't want to. I'd rather be by myself (more or less...). My roommate is considering going to South Carolina during the week to work and coming back on the weekends to visit her kids and what not. So long as I eventually get my own transportation it doesn't matter to me. That's the only thing keeping me from having a better job. When I eventually get one, I might start making other arrangements...just in case.

A couple of weeks ago my roommat's boyfriend or whatever the hell their relationship is brought a cat over here. Some bastage left the poor thing by the dumpster where he works under a hat. It still had to be bottle fed. That was hell too. It's finally getting over needing a bottle but she is VERY annoying. Always meowling her head off for no reason. She's a cute calico and I'm just trying not to go crazy. I know as she gets older she'll calm down and be able to roam the house without me having to worry that she's going to take a shit on my carpet. I named her Susumu :). My roommate can handle calling her just 'Su' and I think its a very cute name. Not really a girl's name but meh, she's a cat so general rules don't have to apply. Susumu means to advance in case anyone was wondering.

I wanted to do a huge June update. That was the one year anniversary of this blog. Too much stuff was going on though and it would take me a LONG time to go through all of the blog and make one gigantic post about whatever was going on in the past. I might do it and just backdate the entry but my laziness will probably go into full gear and it won't get done.

I'm thinking about going back to school AGAIN. I tried going back to Columbus Tech and that lasted all of a quarter. I couldn't handle the bullshit classes. They weren't hard, the problem was that they were so easy it was ridiculous that I had to even bother taking them. If I could have exempted them I probably would have kept with it. I tried University of Phoenix as well and that was even worse. The first class they stick you in for 5 weeks and charge you over a grand was as basic as basic can get. It was just showing you how to write in APA format. You had to do reports and shit. It was a mostly online class and I only had to go once a week but I gave up the ghost on it after three weeks or so by just not going. You pretty much get withdrawn if you miss more than 1 day. When someone tells me I have to write a 5 page paper in APA format (for someone who doesn't know...APA is using 3rd a lot of you and people and they instead of I, My, and Me type stuff) about the benefits of a college education or why I've returned to college...I tend to be very disgusted. I can write a 5 page paper like nothing if its an actual research paper. This is definately not, no facts to explain etc, its just totally personal stuff that you are forced to write about. I felt like a moron and got completely uninterested in doing any of the assignments and I didn't like how their financial aide was (making you go into huge debt) to take classes so I didn't even finalize the process and just stopped going. I have a bill for 900 bucks or so from them but they won't be getting that from me anytime soon. I'm glad that I didn't finalize my request for a god damn student loan.

There is another community college that I can go to and I've heard good thing about. Their financial aide seems similar to what you can get at Columbus Tech so I'm interested. I want to at least get an associate in business or something geeze. I need to try and suck it up when and if I go back, I can't keep not finishing what I've started *sigh.

I signed up for a trial period of to try and find someone named Alicia Fisher. Her brother is signed up to the site too. They only give you a 7 day trial and you have to be a gold (so paying...) member more than likely to read the god damn messages. I don't think that's completely fair. If you get sent an e-mail from a gold member, you should be able to read it even if you aren't a paying member. What the fuck is the other person paying for? If people can't read messages they had to pay for the priviledge to send. Bloodsuckers.

That's about it for now. I might start posting regularly again, might not. I need to see when my domains and shit start expiring lol. I've been meaning to write down stuff like that but oh well.

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