April 20, 2006

Tracfone's are such a rip-off

I got one a couple of weeks after I came here to Kansas. It worked for ONE DAY and then it started malfunctioning. People couldn't hear me when I answered the phone so I was wasting my damn minutes. I had to stick to sending text messages. I called customer support and they told me it was a common problem and I'd have to get a replacement. It came 3 days later (I got it yesterday) and I tried to activated it but the damn thing STILL isn't working. Apparently the SIM card they sent with it isn't for the model of phone. So I call them again and get a very helpful guy in India somewhere who has a thick accent. He says they should have a new SIM card out to me and I will get back the minutes I had (I had just gotten a 60 minute card when the phone crapped out on me the first time). These people are making me waste my money but oh well, it was all I could afford. I don't want to get a cell phone that I'd have to pay on month-to-month like altel and what not. There is a place here called Kansas wireless that I may go with though. They give you service for 10 dollars a month.

I still haven't gotten a job. I haven't gotten a rejection letter from the interview I did the other week so I may have the job. It's just taking a damn long time to hear anything. The guy I was interviewing with said I would hear back that Friday. I don't know if he meant the Friday that was coming up (The interview was on a Wednesday) or the next friday, which is tomorrow. All this waiting sucks ass. I may have to try out the fast food resturaunts. Lord knows I don't want to work in one of those places.

I called my aunt a couple of weeks after I got here. She's supposed to be sending me some money so I can pay for Columbus Tech to stop holding my damn transcripts hostage. If I can get that out of the way, I can pick up more classes at the community college here and get myself some clothes. These people need to hurry the hell up and tell me if I'm hired or not so I will know what I need to buy. If I get this damn job, I can get a computer in a couple of weeks. Not having one is killing me.

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April 08, 2006

Writing from Kansas

I hope to have a job here soon. I have an interview to go to Wednesday. SD, if you are reading this, I deleted one of your comments by mistake. So much spam was here that I didn't catch yours in time. Sorry :(. Chris, I read your comment and replied to it. It will possibly be around a month or so that I'm without a computer. I do have all of my hard drives with me so it's not a total loss. I just wrote a check for a plane ticket (that I couldn't cover...) and split for Kansas. It was either leave then or be stuck for who knows how long. To all my irc peeps, I will be back sooner or later. For now, Shuu is taking care of my names. Some of you may not know her but don't say anything crazy if you see my name online. She's a MINOR SO BACK OFF. It won't be me logging in unless I specifically say so. Bye for now :)

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