June 27, 2006

So pissed off, words can't even express

My sister doesn't have a bank account. She had a friend of hers wire some money to my account. I told her I didn't care if someone wired the money but I didn't want her to get my debit card. She got all pissed off and upset saying she'd do the same for me blah blah blah and stuff like that. It doesn't matter if I have nothing in my account. My account is mine. I caved in though and gave her my card because I can just order a new one (which is the only way to get a new password). I log in today to check my account and it's negative over a thousand dollars. She didn't even tell me that she made my account completely fubar. I must say, this is my fault. I shouldn't have given her my card in the first place. She says she didn't know and that's probably true. Looks like the guy who did the transfer did a stop payment on it right after he did it but it didn't happen until a couple of days passed. My sister was spending the money and then after it was spent, the amount that was transferred into the account was taken back out (so the debt was like twice as much). She says she's going to take care of it but I am doubting that she will.

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June 20, 2006

Susumu is sick :(

I don't know what the hell is going on. My sister called me at 6p.m. or so yesterday and told me she was coming to take me over my mom's house. She said something was wrong with my cat. I get over there and my mom tells me she hasn't been eating or using the bathroom for two days. She didn't want to be loved on at all and she wasn't purring when I rubbed on her either. She just didn't seem to have any energy and sounded like she had something stuck in her throat. She was really weak looking. She's been shedding like crazy ever since I brought her here to Kansas too. I hope it isn't some sort of heart problem. My sister said she's going to take her to the vet this morning. I tried to go straight back home after I got out of class. We had a test and after we took it we could leave. By the time I got there she was already gone so I will just have to wait until my sister comes back here to tell me what happened. I hope it's nothing really serious but I have a bad feeling that I'm about to lose my cat :(


Well, my sister took Susumu to the vet this morning. She told me she had TWO diseases. I forgot what she said they were but in humans it would be some pretty serious shit. In cats it's a very bad respiratory infection. She cought it from Sybelle. Susumu is strictly an indoor cat. You put an indoor cat in contact with an outdoor cat (which Sybelle was) and bad things are bound to happen. You expose your poor, defenseless indoor cat to all kinds of nasty diseases if you bring home a stray like that. Their immune systems can't fight off what an outdoor cat's immune system normally would. I knew this when I first saw Sybelle, which is why I put her out. Hence, this is all my mother's fault. Sybelle has been let go for a long while. She was only at my mom's house for two days but the two cats were in real close company. She lives right across the street. Some College kids rented a house and she belongs to them. Anyhow, it seems Susumu will be ok. I'm glad. I would have been so sad and pissed off if she died.

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June 19, 2006

Closing some comments

These comment spammers are seriously killing me. I can only get online Mon-Thurs so I can't check my blog for 3 days. Over just that 3-day period my blog has gotten 900 comment spams on it. That's so bad I couldn't even get my blacklist script to work. I had to go through each post and delete a few of them. It sucks but oh well. Most comments are closed but the newest ones are still open (probably). I know the last post about susumu I kept open too. I guess from now on people will have to comment to the newest posts and just say which post they are responding to if there was one that has a closed comment *sigh*. Not that I get many comments about previous posts....but it has happened occasionally...

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June 12, 2006

Some pics of Sonar

Just thought I'd add the pictures and videos i took of him. Isn't the video with Susumu playing with him cute? ;)


Sonar Chewing on my earphone wires | Sonar and Susumu

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June 06, 2006

Kansas updates

There really is the same amount of nothing going on here. I did start school yesterday. I'm taking intro to business and business accounting. Both classes are a tad on the dry side but one hopes I don't fail either of them. I'm not big on learning definitions and stuff and it is looking like definitions will be an important part of business accounting. I'm not looking forward to that. Another is that I'm horrible at taking notes in any way, shape, or form. Especially from watching videos and the like. I take minimal notes. How can you really pay attention to a video if you have to take notes anyway. You'd think absorbing the video would be more important. I guess I'll just have to see. Its still early on in the class so I can't make a full judgement yet. It does suck that I won't be getting any money back from financial aide, however. Because they have me as a non-resident my tuition is higher *sigh*. I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket at least.

More Kittys!

I have two more cats. I'm quite content with just Susumu but my nephew was getting jealous of her. Well, not really, he just wanted a pet of his own very badly. He was walking to my mom's house from the store down the street and he picked up this cat that was wandering around in the field he had to go through. She's very lovely. I named her Sybelle. My mom takes care of some lady's kids and they were all there when my nephew came in and they wanted to name it Stripes. Very lame. I told him that it's probably some old lady's cat. She is very well-mannered. She will let anyone pick her up and is very cuddly. I have pictures of her too. I told my nephew not to get use to her because we were going to let her go and he got all sad and shit. Me, him, and my mom went to the library this past weekend and we decided to stop in at a pet store on the way back to see if they had any kittens (which they did). I ended up buying a kitten for my nephew but now I'm attatched to Sybelle so I doubt I will give her up if I have another choice.

Susumu and Sybelle don't get along. I am hoping that they will learn to live with eachother. The kitten I got my nephew is a boy, he named him Sonar (I had to talk him into it...he wanted to name the thing konar...wth is that supposed to be). Sybelle doesn't seem to like Sonar very much either. She's made herself the queen of my mom's house. She's older than Susumu and is bigger than her too. I feel like a traitor because Sybelle always loves on me whenever I'm there and well... she doesn't even come into the living room anymore unless Sybelle is asleep. Susumu and Sonar get along just fine. She plays with him a lot. I have seen Sybelle playing with him too, on those few times she wasn't hissing at the poor thing and trying to scratch him up. I have more pics, I'll probably put them up tomorrow or the next day. I took some short videos with my camera too and I uploaded those so here they are: 1 min + video of Susumu | Short clip of Susumu laying down | Sybelle playing with mouse

I know I've said this before, but comment spammers suck ass. I have a few hundred that I need to weed out of this thing. Even though I'm using a black list script, it takes a lot of time for so many. It's pissing me off but I don't want to just close my comments. I have deleted some of the good comments by mistake too :(.

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