April 08, 2009

Ohisashiburi =^.^=

Man, its been a while since I last blogged. I guess I haven't because absolutely nothing at all has been happening. Its the same old same old. I go to work, come home, sleep, get up and go back to work. It sucks but there isn't really anything of interest to even do here in Kansas other than watch the grass grow.

I do have one slightly interesting post to make on ds lite replacement cases. I dropped my ds a couple of weeks ago and the damn hinge broke. My primary use for the ds is to listen to music while I am at work so I was very upset. I decided to buy a replacement shell. Its cute. Its gold with the zelda triforce on it. I'm sure if you google it you would find an image of it.

I know a lot of people out there are probably considering replacing their cases for vanity and not out of necessity but I can tell you, it's not for the faint of heart. My case arrived around 10a.m. this morning (with no instructions!) and I finally got it together by 6p.m. after much frustration and swearing. I'm confident that I would be able to change out the case a lot quicker should this happen again. All of those tiny pieces were such a hassle to deal with. I'm surprised I got the left and right buttons to even work the first time. Did I tell you I didn't have ANY instructions?? NOTHING! I took my old case apart and hoped for the best and it worked out (eventually...).

Anyhow, it is nice not having a case that someone around here is likely to have. I plan on working tomorrow to get in some extra hours and I'll get to show off the case. Everybody I sit next to knows I broke my old case and was waiting on a new one to come in. There was a dark case with flowers and I was considering getting that and changed my mind. I almost went with the Naruto one but bright orange really isn't my style :). More later...

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