October 18, 2009

Another Year Older

I still have nothing to show for it. A few years ago, December 2005 to be exact, I had written myself a letter to be e-mailed to me when I turned 29. I remember writing it but I didn't remember what I wrote. Pretty depressing really. Anyway, here is the message:

Dear FutureMe,

Well, today is the day you turn 29. Nothing at all special about this year but there is one thing in particular I want to address. Are you doing well financially? How about your health? You really should get something done about your absurdly high blood pressure. I know you've heard it a million times but hypertension is the silent killer of black people. I sincerely hope you have not died yet. That would suck very much. Today is the deadline of the promise you made to visit Japan. Have you accomplished it? I hope that you have. I also hope you went back to school and got some sort of degree. You should be running your own business by now or at least in the beginning stages of it. Remember that you do not want to grow old if you are poor, unhappy and constantly struggling. I hope that your nephew Devante and your niece Keyonna are both prospering and so are their parents.

Is mother still among the land of the living? She will have turned 54 this year. No matter what, you should always try to take care of her. Even if your brother and sister abandon her, you should not be like them. You've always been the one who cares the most in the family. Sadly you are also the most unfortunate one, despite being the smartest in the family. Sometimes you will have to harden that soft heart of yours to get ahead in life. Your brother and sister already know this, which is why they are doing much better than you are (but I think that has more to do with them being selfish than anything perhaps). It is my greatest hope of all that by the time you get this message, you will not be struggling so hard and are capable of living an easy-going life.

Ah, one last thing...how is Susumu? :)

Well, I guess I will start answering my own questions. I live paycheck to paycheck so my finances totally suck. I haven't been to the doctor in over a year and have been off of my high blood pressure meds longer than that. I also have diabetes, which I did not know back in 2005. Not to mention some sort of issue with my kidneys that the doctor was unable to explain other than saying something was abnormal. I wasn't able to make it to Japan and it does not look like I ever will so I have given up on that. I stopped going to school and I'm 3 courses away from an associates in business but I don't feel like taking classes anymore either. As far as my business, I have let that go by the wayside mostly as well. I wasn't able to make enough to quit my day job due to financial issues so it is on the back burner. My nephew Devante is doing fine. He's a really bright young man but I don't talk to him much. Keyonna is doing fine as well and she has 2 younger sisters with another sibling on the way. My brother and his wife are separated for right now, who knows if they are doing to get back together. It just happened recently though. My mom is still living and morbid as ever. I saw her today and she made me dinner. It was very good. We had bbq, collard greens, cornbread, and potato salad. There was carrot cake too but I was too full to eat any.

Last but not least, Susumu is doing well too. I have 6 cats now. I started with her and got a boy cat named Sonar. I waited too long to get him fixed so Susumu got knocked up lol and well I didn't want to get rid of any of her babies so I kept all 4.

Anyhow, nothing at all of note has been going on this year. I still work at a call center for at&t customer service. I've been sick with a cold though and didn't go in Friday. I doubt I will feel like going Monday either. I'm really so tired of working there but I haven't found anything else *sigh*

Posted by Ryo-ohki at 09:35 PM