December 31, 2009

yoi otoshi o!

Man 2009 is almost out the door. I have to work and that sucks major ass. I can't not go today or I would screw myself out of holiday pay. I really wish they would change the policy. You only get it now if you are scheduled to work on the day of the holiday. I have had to work Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now I have to work New Years eve and day. The least they could do is not penalize you if you don't come the day before or the day after (one or the other, not both lol). I can't even celebrate early.

Anyhow, I hope 2010 is better than 2009. Maybe I will find something other than this dead end job. I can only hope for the best :)

If anyone is wondering, or even cares, the title of this post means have a good new year.

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