March 28, 2010

i really need to post more

I haven't been blogging at all on here. I need to really update my scripts. I'm thinking of moving to wordpress since everybody and their grandmother seems to be using that. I'm use to MT though. I'm on facebook a lot playing Mafia Wars and Fairyland. I have been using twitter but it really sucks. I only post there because Dreamhost is having a contest giving away 20 ipads. You can enter daily by just tweeting DreamHost. Apparently having 'Fail' in any of your tweets is cause for disqualification though. Like 'that was full of fail' but if you use the word properly there isn't anything to worry about. I try to post every day but I forget sometimes.

Anyhow nothing new is going on with me. I still work in a call center for at&t. I haven't been to work in a week though. I got sick for a few days and they told me I have to get a doctor's note saying I can come back. I won't be able to get one until tomorrow. I didn't win the lottery Saturday so I guess I will have to continue working :P

If only my bills would pay themselves. I paid for my web hosting for another year. I'm not doing a damn thing with any of my websites though. I need to get on the ball and make some extra money. I have ideas, just too lazy to implement them.

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