February 28, 2005

New Hall

I'm on the other side of the hall. Still in lock down but I'm working with mostly women residents. The nurse aide I'm working with over here is nice. There are two of them but I don't know what the hell is up with the other girl. She's only been there two months so maybe she still hasn't gotten use to everything yet. I hope I don't take that damn long. I hear she had to be in orientation a few more days longer than is usual to make sure she could handle it. But I wasn't there back then so I can't say.

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February 27, 2005

Partial Assignment: Day 2

Not much went on. Don't really remember what I did. I do like this hall though. Some people have said they don't like it but the guys are good mostly and the other girls who are working on this hall are nice. The nurse is a guy. We went to columbus tech together. He graduated and asked if I did. I told him no because various stuff happened and that I want to go back to school. CNA work is beginning to kill me already at this point. I don't really like the job but it doesn't bother me or anything. It's a job. I'd rather be in front of a computer but *shrug*

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February 26, 2005

Partial Assignment: Day 1

I had to look after 4 rooms by myself. It wasn't too bad. I didn't need much help. I'm having to backdate this entry (and the last few beginning from when I started work). I am very tired when I get home. I don't even remember what all happened this day really, only that I had my own people to look after.

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February 25, 2005

Orientation: Day 3

Hmm I have no idea what the hell I did today. I'm feeling a little bit sick. My throat feels funny you know. I'm probably coming down with something. In this place not even a week and I'm starting to get sick. You can get any damn thing in the nursing home and I know it. No matter if you wear gloves and wash hands religiously you are bound to get something. I just hope that I don't get too sick. I'm not coming back to this god damn place if that's the case. I'd rather look for another job than have to be sick as a dog all the damn time.

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February 24, 2005

Orientation: Day 2

I met the first shift preceptor. She's really nice. I'm on the hall that's on lock down. Need a code to get in and out. Its the men's hall as well. I'm having a hard time remembering anybody's name. I suck at names. I'll get them slowly but surely. I didn't do much today either. Just watched the preceptor work. I did make up a few beds and pass out food trays and feed some people and what not.

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February 23, 2005

Orientation: Day 1

Well, today is my first day. Supposedly anyways, I was wearing regular clothes. I just got walked around the facility and got to feed some folks in the dining room. Tomorrow I have to start wearing my uniform and I'll be out on the floor. I don't really know if this sort of work is for me, actually I seriously doubt it. I'd rather be sitting in front of a computer any day. Manual labor is so not my thing. I met one of the preceptors today. She's really the second shift one but she's doing double shifts today I guess. The other preceptor is off today I guess. A preceptor is someone who trains the other CNAs and such in case anybody was wondering. Gets them familiar with the facility. I'm so not good at navigating to anywhere and there are a bunch of different halls here and I'm sure I'll be going the wrong way half the time in this place.

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February 22, 2005

She's gone :(

My mom has left for Florida today. She should be there by tomorrow. I couldn't wait for her to leave but now that she has, I'm a little sad about it. It may be a long while before I see her again. Plus she left the house in a shambles. She didn't clean or shit like she was supposed to so it all falls to me but oh well. I told her that if it's nice down there, I will go down there in a few months. I could use a change of scenery myself. Her aunt had a stroke a few days ago but she's feeling better and is speaking. They told us that she got better by hearing that my mom was on the way. I hope her god damn plants don't die in my care. I don't keep any plants and shit myself and don't know how often they are supposed to be watered but oh well...

Anyways I will be working by Thursday. Fountain City has finally called me back. I go in for orientation tomorrow and I will be working the next day. There is a uniform shop that just opened up here too that has uniforms for 8 dollars. That's a damn sight cheaper than the 20+ dollars each for shirt and top that uniforms of america and famous brands charge. Fountain City doesn't really have any sort of dress code policy. You can wear whatever color scrubs you want. I could wear my white scrubs if I wanted to but white is lame (bleh...I do have 3 or 4 uniforms that are all white tho from my training...I might wear them every now and again). Things are working out so that's good. The next time my brother calls me I'm going to ask him to send me 500 dollars. Never know, I might need to move or something. Hell, I'd like to move... so he would probably give me the money since I'm by myself now *sigh*.

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February 18, 2005

Of all the rotten luck

My brother's friend came over to take me around today. I went out with my mom to get groceries and such and she got robbed at the grocery store. She dropped her little purse thingy and somebody took 200 bucks that her aunt had sent to buy a bus ticket. I had to buy the damn ticket myself. I guess I should be glad that I had the money. So it's official, she will be gone by Tuesday and I won't have to worry about her anymore. I will miss her and all (since she cooks for me when I'm too lazy haha) but she needs a change of scenery. I'm tired of her bum friends anyways. Will be peaceful at least. I still have to find a job. I will call back the nursing home and what not. I got another phone cord but my connection is still so fucked up. I'm gonna get a wireless router or something. I hate spending money. It sucks.

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February 16, 2005

Small Scare

There was a soldier from Ft. Benning who died in Iraq Monday. My brother was stationed at Ft. Benning and just left for Iraq a few weeks ago. I haven't heard from him since last weekend. I had been wondering since Monday if that was him or not. It's funny, my mother heard it on the news that one of the soldiers from here had died. She decided not to tell me about it. I had heard it on the radio and decided not to mention it to her. Both of us figured the other person would only worry unnecessarily. Today someone had called me from the base. It was one of the military wives asking for my mom. They are having some sort of meeting to keep family members in the loop about what's happening with the soldiers and what not. I told the lady (who sounded even younger than I was) that I had been worrying about my brother because I haven't heard from him. I told her that I heard about a soldier on the news. She told me that that couldn't have been my brother. There was some sort of transportation problem so they haven't even made it to where they were supposed to be yet. That took a big weight off of my heart. As soon as I got off the phone with the lady I told my mother about it and she was very glad to hear of it and we both were laughing about how we reacted when hearing about a Ft. Benning soldier dying and not mentioning it to eachother. We are sad for the person who lost their loved one but we were glad as hell that it wasn't us. There will be a show on GPB about the soldiers over there called a company of soldiers. I like the promo and a comment one of the soldiers said. He said that my job is not to die for my country. My job is to make some other poor bastard die for his country. I love that.

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February 12, 2005

ugh this sucks

I haven't been able to get online with dsl for over a week. The culprit is probably my phone cord. I need to get a new one. The one i've been using is 2 or 3 years old and I guess it has gotten too degraded over time. The problem is, I can't get anyone to bring me one. I need one that's at least 25 feet long (yes I know you aren't supposed to have such a long distance for your dsl line...). The only phone jack in the house is downstairs and we cannot get another jack installed. I asked one of my brother's friends and she said she'd get it but she hasn't called me back in two days. Asking his wife was fucking useless. I hate that dumb bitch. She acts like she doesn't even know what the hell a phone cord is for one thing and for another she said she was watching her nephew and she can't take her baby outside. She took them outside when she was stalking around my brother's apartment trying to catch somebody there. Hell she left her nephew and the baby (who was BARELY 2 weeks old) in the god damn car. I need to order a wireless router from bellsouth or something...this is lame...

I guess I will have to be content with dialup for a few more days until I can get a cord myself or break down and get the wireless router. I can't even get on dialup with my computer. I'm stuck using the other computer (that's pretty much my BT slave and can't do shit else). Another thing about being on dialup, it takes FOREVER to install updates. I had formatted this thing a couple of weeks ago and am now trying to do that to no avail. I've finally given up. It would be easier if internet explorer wasn't such a piece of shit and if M$ wasn't such a greedy bastard. You should be able to access their god damn updates without using that shitty browser. I can't even get the pos to load anymore on here. It freezes constantly and even when the update page does feel like loading, it hangs. All I want is to get sp1, is that too much to ask?

At least I have had one small miracle, I've found the usb2 drivers for this thing. I didn't know where it was. I've been looking for it ever since I formatted. I couldn't even listen to the music on this computer without it skipping because it wasn't transferring fast enough.

It doesn't seem like my mother is going to Florida, as much as I wanted to be rid of her. That's why I can't stand her side of the family. They are lying bitches. It irks me so bad. I hope to have a job soon so I don't have to be under so much stress. I don't really want to work but I can't seem to avoid it any longer. My brother called me at 4 in the morning and said he was going to try and fix my money situation. The first thing I'm going to look into is getting a car. I had a deal set up to get one for 300 bucks but when all that shit happened the guy didn't want to wait and sold it to someone else. I've taken that drug test for the nursing home and I am wondering how long its going to take for them to call me back. I would seriously like to be working soon. They only get paid every two weeks so the sooner I start, the sooner I'll have some money to actually do things for myself bleh.

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February 09, 2005


I deposited a check in my account for 1k on the 31st of January. It was a check my brother left for me. It was dated for the first of February so they held it a few days. I assumed everything was fine since I still had the money in there by the 5th. I look at my god damn checking account today and it is a negative 172 dollars. I don't know what the fuck happened and I haven't spoken to my brother AT ALL since Saturday sometime when he logged onto msn messenger and left a message. This has fucked me up so bad that I can't even begin to describe it. I don't know what the hell to do. I haven't paid my god damn light bill yet and now I don't have the money. The soonest I will have any is March when I can cash one of these other god damn checks. FUCK

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February 07, 2005

So long Charlie

My mom's beloved pet turtle has died. We've had it for two or three years. She got it when the river here flooded and a bunch of hachlings were scrambling for somewhere else to be. My mom was cleaning up downstairs and was changing shit around so I asked her what she was doing. She said she was just getting her mind off of some stuff. She said the turtle died. She sat down at the table in the kitchen and I told her that she could get another turtle. She said she didn't want one. She says she'll be ok, its just that she had fun with her watching her swim around in the water and playing with her and listening to her elvis records and she broke down sobbing a little. Its really sad. I'm not one to cry over the loss of a turtle, probably since I didn't take care of it. Was her pet and all but I'm sorry that she lost it. She should get another one when she gets down to Florida next week or some kind of pet to keep her company. I know she will miss having Charlie to take care of badly. I guess she was ok for a turtle. I did sit out in the sun with her a few times here and there. Goodbye Charlie.

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February 05, 2005

oops >.<

My brother sent me a message on msn earlier, I would have responded to him but I'm asleep. Last week his friend came by with some checks he had left for me and my mom. The one with my name on it was for 1k. I don't get to the bank all that often so I just told his friend to deposit it into my bank account. The next day he had left a message on my voice mail telling me that I can't cash the check yet because his account wasn't straight and that I shouldn't cash it until the 3rd(but it was already deposited by then). I still have the money in my account so I figured everything was fine but apparently on his end he got screwed but oh well. I had told the bank about it and they said it was fine, those bastards. He says this is the last time he's going to help me out which may or may not be true. He always says that. He also said that he hopes to see me in Florida but I'm not going there. My mother is going and maybe (MAYBE) if she gets her own place and a job I'll follow her down there a few months later. I'm not interested in moving to Florida even though the jobs here in Georgia (columbus specifically) are shit.

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February 03, 2005

quite the scare

I was feeling so very bad today. I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I thought I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke or something (I hope I don't jinx myself and end up having one in my sleep... that would suck). My blood pressure is already shockingly bad. But it was even worse today. It was 188/126. A normal adult's blood pressure is 120/80. That bottom number creeping to over 90 is bad. So for mine to be 126 was scary. My blood pressure is usually always bad but on an average day for me it's 160/100 or so. It seems to have calmed down to 169/107 and I'm not feeling all weird like I was earlier. I don't even bother telling my mom what my bp is anymore. I'm always on her about taking her medication and I should be on some sort of hypertension medication myself but well Georgia sucks ass and getting assistance if you don't have any insurance isn't all that simple a task. If I hear that hypertension is a silent killer (of black people...) one more time I'm going to throw up.

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