January 15, 2005

more dreams

I had a particularly disturbing dream the other day. I don't remember where I was but it was probably somewhere in the hood I grew up in. The sky was all orangy/pinkish/purple you know like when the sun is setting or whatever. I looked up in the sky and there was a vortex that appeared (think Sliders...). Only it wasn't some wormhole it was a black whole that opened up near the planet and it was sucking up the atmosphere so it looked like that with all the air and shit swirling into it. I was standing out in the street with my mom and we were looking at it. I was wondering was the world going to be destroyed. Someone told me not to worry about it, it wasn't close enough to earth to effect us but that couldn't have been possible if you could see the damn thing clearly in the sky. I figured the moon (which was MUCH larger than it usually is) would get sucked in first but it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world got pulled in. I told my mom it would be ok, I doubt that we would suffer for too much longer once it really started to effect the world. As it progressed, people started running around screaming. A little while later people were scrambling for ships to try and escape. I asked this guy that I saw how is he getting away and he started to beam up to somewhere, I tried to hold onto him but it was too late and he was gone. I went to where my mom was and I told her we might as well go to the house and wait for it to happen. The world was steadily falling into chaos and it was getting dark and cold and shit and then I woke up. It was around 2.a.m. when I did.

I listened to the radio for a while after that and I slowly drifted back to sleep. I had another dream but I don't remember it as vividly. All I remember is that I had a black cat and an alligator named momo. My nephew threw the cat at it and it ate it. And I asked him why did he kill the cat like that and he was like I don't know. I told him well what if I just went away and you couldn't see me anymore, you'd be sad wouldn't you. I had had that cat since it fit in the palm of my hand and now it's gone. There was a 3rd animal but I don't remember what it was anymore.

After that dream sequence I was somewhere else. I was running from something that was trying to kill me. I don't remember what it was but I had to run up and down halls and up stairways and around courtyards. It was crazy. In order to finally stop being chased I had to make it through all of the places so many times. I was running and running and each time I hit a section that was like a school and it had many corridors with lockers I had to try and go a different way to throw the guy off. It wasn't just me running it was other people but I don't know if I knew who any of them were, we weren't working together. Each of us was just trying to get away. One of the places to run through was this crumbling staircase but it was like a huge yard that led up to it with a lot of rubble and stuff. I was running through that for the 3rd or 4th time and then I woke up. Nothing all that eventful happened in this dream. The guy didn't even get close to me but once, when I was going through the school hall, and I just went a different way than I went the last time to avoid him.

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January 05, 2005

in progress

My sister has been here since Saturday. Its been a pretty uneventful visit overall. We all went to Chuck E. Cheese with my nephew and took some pictures (and no, you can't see them :P). She stayed until Tuesday and went to Alabama to visit some of her husband's relatives and she came back today.

My nephew is so very annoying. He doesn't know how to play video games with other people. If he doesn't like something he did, he will restart the fucking game without asking the other person. He also doesn't want to play anything other than the games that he's played to death so he knows all of the moves to them. He's not too bright either. He got a spanking today. He was outside playing with some kids and he took some change out of his pocket and threw it up in the air for the other kids to get. His mom was very pissed.

I think she's leaving either tomorrow or Friday. She has to be back to work Monday anyways. I've enjoyed her being over here, I haven't seen her in a long time. She even patched things up with my brother. I never did understand what the hell their problem was. My brother didn't use to give a shit about her and made sure she knew it. Was just him thinking of her as she use to be. A fast, smart-alec kid who didn't give a shit about anybody. I had been trying to tell him that person doesn't even exist anymore. Now that she's been down here he's seen that he was wrong about her so now they are talking and what not.

Among other events happening here, somebody stole my brother's Nintendo DS. He left it downstairs and somebody took it. This is why I can't stand the people my mother lets in. She will leave them unattended and something will come up missing. I doubt he cares all that much about it being stolen, but the charger for his cell phone was in the bag with it. I'd be pissed beyond belief if something I just purchased got stolen just because I left it downstairs. Not that I would have. You can't leave any fucking thing down there and expect to get it later. My mom doesn't have any good sense. I think she stole 5 dollars from me too while I was sleeping as well. Family can really make you sick...

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January 01, 2005

New year...

But apparently the same shit. I hate that people make such a big deal out of new years. I mean, it sucks. Not like anything is different from yesterday, or the day before, or the month/year before that. I do have some new year's resolutions. I seriously doubt I will actually try to accomplish them but who knows. Number one on my list is losing weight. I have gained an absurd amount, most likely brought on by depression and the gluttonous consumption of food that sort of thing brings.

The weight is very bad for my heart. My blood pressure is already spiraling out of control. My bp is 164/108. That is SERIOUSLY bad. The doctors start to get worried when that bottom number goes over 90. And the top number should be in the 120-140 range for a person my age (I'm only 24 o.o). Sucks to be me I guess. It's just my hope that I will actually make it through this year without having a stroke or a heart attack. It's very likely to happen, however. Especially since I'm not taking any sort of medication for hypertension. Those diuretics I was prescribed a long time ago I only took for a few days. They made me sick and my fucking kidneys started hurting so I wasn't going to keep on taking that shit. I think taking them those few days has fucked me up anyways. Every so often it feels like my kidneys are sore. That's not a good feeling BTW.

My sister has still not arrived, last time I heard she was in Alabama so she should be here in a few hours. She might have decided to stay in a hotel or something until morning though. I told her I'd be asleep and don't wake me up but I've tried to stay up to wait on her to no avail. My brother has come over. He hates my sister. She's his sister too but I don't know why he dislikes her so. To him she isn't even family. She's our half-sister. That shit doesn't matter to me though. IMO the woman who gave birth to you is what matters. Who gives a shit who your father is. If he's there for you, all well and good but it just never mattered to me that me and my sis have different fathers. Both of them have been real fuckwads anyway. I guess that's it for my new year's post.

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