April 30, 2005

These people make me sick

I just got told that the second shift nurse wants to write me up. I was told it's because I laid a pad on some dirty sheets. This supposedly happened last week. I don't recall doing any shit like that but the CNAs showed it to the nurse. I always change the linens. There could have been anything that happened that day, I could have changed someone using the bed and forgot to strip the damn thing. Why do people consider writing you up for stupid shit that happened a week ago without saying anything to you. I'd see if someone was actually in the god damn bed on some dirty sheets but I'm sure it was an empty ass bed. That's what I don't like. Maybe if I got asked the day after it happened I would have been able to explain. They can seriously kiss my ass.

All kinds of shit go on in this place. While they are talking about writing someone up, I'm pretty sure that mistreating one of the residents would be an instance where that should happen, if not being fired. How the hell are you going to hit someone on the fucking head to stop them from cutting up. True, the guy is annoying as hell but I wouldn't have done some shit like that, no matter how much he's running me crazy. I should have said something about it to TPTB like the manual tells us to but I overlooked it. Now I'm regretting it. Hell, I wouldn't doubt being fired for posting about it like I am. Not that I care.

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April 29, 2005

Need to move soon

My friend and I went to see a three bedroom house. It was sooooooooo nice. I want to get it so bad. There was someone else viewing the house when we went. I ended up writing the guy a check for the deposit so that we would be first in line. The rent is 525 a month with 525 deposit. The guy lowered the deposit to 450 and said he'd hold the house for two weeks. We didn't want to move until the first of June. Even if the pro-rate the rent, this will be a lot of money. We will have to get the water and gas turned on and have the electric and phone transferred. It will be hard to pay that 450 and then half of that 525 and turn around 15 days later and pay the full amount for rent. We are going to have to try if we can't stall them though. They are building some closets and stuff in the house and they are supposed to be getting a new fridge so who knows.

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April 26, 2005

Bleh @ spending money

I ordered a new hard drive and enclosure from Directron today for 130 dollars. It's a 160 gig drive and a coolmax enclosure. I also ordered two books about go from Amazon for 27 bucks and won an ebay auction for a third one that was under 7 bucks with shipping. I came out cheaper on the auction than if I would have ordered it from Amazon too. I hope that it doesn't take a century to arrive.

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April 18, 2005

Those dirty bastards

I got written up at work today. We get 30-minute lunch breaks. You have to clock out during it. There were a few times last month where I didn't clock out (maybe 5 times). If I don't clock out, there's usually a reason for it. Either I was the only fucking person on the hall or I wasn't even at the facility. I went out with some of the residents who had to visit the doctor and what not. I told them this but apparently they didn't give a shit. I got told after the fact that if I can't take my break, I need to write up this certain form explaining why I didn't. This is so god damn stupid. For one thing, it doesn't matter if you clock out or not. Either way, they are going to take that 30 minutes out of your check. They aren't going to get me like that again though. I promise you that shit. I will log out without fail. Doesn't matter to me if there will be someone on the hall or not. I know to notify whoever happens to be sitting behind the nursing station that I'm going on break and they need to get someone to watch the hall though. My job really sucks ass. I need to find somewhere else to be, these folks are pissing me off. I work too hard there and get too little to be going through this type of crap.

I went to class today as well. The test I had to take was very easy. Most of the questions on it was multiple choice. We also got to use the documentation that was handed out. It is very unlikely that someone would have failed that test. There will be no class next week. We have two assignments to do that deal with getting on blackboard and poking around on there and what not. I have 3 online classes so, of course, I know my way around blackboard. Easy grade I guess but still damn annoying to have to do it.

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April 13, 2005

You'd have to be a moron...

I think that it will be physically impossible for someone to actually fail these medical terminology tests. We had a quiz and a regular test due on the 13th. I just took quiz 1 and exam 1. This is going over the first four chapters of our book. Around 10p.m. or so I glanced through all of the chapters. I actually gave up after the first 3. There's no way in hell you could memorize all of that stuff. I looked at chapter 4 a bit more closely than I did the first three chapters but I still didn't see the point in reading it. I decided to go ahead and take the quiz and if I failed it, I could always take it over. It took me around 45 minutes to answer the 50 questions on quiz 1 and around 30 minutes to answer the 50 on exam 1. I got a 92 on both tests. So I only missed 4 questions. I pretty much didn't even bother to really read through the chapters. If you don't know how to look in the back of the book for the glossary and the indexes for answers, you can't be all that bright. If you didn't even think of looking there, maybe online classes aren't for you. Take the on-campus class so the instructor can hold your hand.

On another note, I actually wouldn't be surprised if I did well on all the tests and still failed the class. I haven't been inclined to participate in the class discussions. You have to start a thread about one topic of discussion and reply to two other students. Since everybody is reading and making a topic about the same thing, similar statements and responses are being made. The replies are basically I concur with so and so about blah blah blah. Also, we have to e-mail the instructor saying that we have read one thingy on work ethics each week. This shit is total garbage. I doubt I'd be able to hold the job I do have for too long if my work ethics were sub-standard. I can't believe this shit actually factors into our grades. I am someone who doesn't like to waste what little time I have on something stupid. This is why I have not participated in any of the class discussions nor have I read that work ethics crap. I get to go over that stuff in the one class I have attend on campus each week. I don't feel like making any more effort at it than that. I'm even less inclined to read it because the modules are powerpoint presentations. I don't like clicking on anything that has to have an extra program open up to view it. Just like the instructors posting the syllabus and other course information as a word document. C'mon people, save everyone some damn stress and save it as HTML. Just goes to show how M$ has corrupted people's souls.

It is my hope that my mother is on her way to Kansas today. If not, I will be pissed to no end. My sister called me and asked how long do I intend my mother to stay with her. I'm like, damn, you said she could stay for as long as she wanted. She will just start doing the same old stuff if she comes back here to stay with me. I'd rather be on my own for a little while. I can't work effectively if I have to wonder what she's up to while I'm away. I was a bit worried about her going to Florida in the first place because we've always been together. I've always taken care of her. Now that I have been by myself for a little bit, I'd like to remain that way. I don't know what's up with my sister and my brother as far as our mother is concerned. I've been caring for her all this time. I want a god damn break. Is that too much to ask? Plus she could get in to see a doctor and stuff quicker where my sister is than being down here with me. That's also a main concern of mine.

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April 10, 2005

Ah, the wonders of procrastination

I had a paper due in for Humanities by today. I have just now submitted it. I hope that I typed it up correctly. It's been so very long since I've done any classwork and when it comes to writing, I suck greatly at it. Especially when I have to write in a certain form. The article I read would have been a lot more hilarious if there were pictures to be had. It was about Vanessa Beecroft's exhibit in Berlin. It talked about how the police had to stop people from climbing over walls and shit to look at the naked chicks hahaha. If I paid my 13 bucks I'd want to see the show in a timely manner and not wait for hours too I suppose. I'm betting it was just horny men trying to get a peek. I don't like her work at all. Actually, I think it sucks and there's usually no black people posing in any of her stuff. Or anyone other than white people most of the time. Some people can make a career out of anything and become somewhat famous I guess.

I haven't done any of the assignments for my other two online classes. I need to check and see when the due dates are for them. I don't want to fail this stuff. I'm so uninterested in any of this work. This quarter is going to be a lot harder for me than it should be because I don't care about the subject matter of the courses. I just can't get motivated at all. Sad situation. I still haven't managed to locate my humanities book either.

On the home front, my mom's aunt died. The funeral was yesterday. I'm trying to get her to go out to where my sister is. I don't want her coming back here. She makes me tired. My brother already got her bus ticket and she's supposed to leave out Tuesday. If she doesn't I'm going to be highly pissed. I also need to see how the hell I'm getting to work in the morning.

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April 05, 2005


I finally put my other network card in and ran the cat5 cable from downstairs and I'm back on the network. It really sucked not being able to share any of my language files and what not. I need to go to columbus tech sometime today. I don't want to go anywhere but I need to get my books. I should have the Humanities book somewhere here in my room but I can't locate it to save my damn life. I know that I have it, I saw it a few months ago. I don't want to have to buy it again but I might have to lol. I'm too lazy to do a very thorough search. Speaking of searching, I found two spools of CDs that have been missing for liek 5 or 6 months. It had my hikaru no go on it. I felt so retarded. My brother was cleaning the other room and it was in a box under the bed in there. It never occured to me to look there lol. He just shook his head. He knew how badly I wanted those cds because HnG is one of my favorite series. I met a new online friend yesterday too. He plays go. He's 13kyu on KGS. I played two games with him and he forced a tie on me. The first time I didn't realize what he was doing until the game was almost over and I was counting territory. I was very amused by it to say the least. I suck ass at go. I haven't played in MONTHS. And even when I was playing, I wasn't that good. I'm sure any skill I had has evaporated by now. I was very sleepy but he talked me into a second game. He forced a tie again but he sort of cheated, he placed a stone in his own territory to do it. I told him don't worry about it because his opponent is too stupid to be offended by something like that hahaha. I'll post the game files sometime today.

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April 04, 2005

First day of class

I only had one to go to. 3 out of 4 of my classes are online. The one I have to go to is a two hour class but we were let out after an hour. It's a BS class really...but I needed it to push me over the top into a full-time student this quarter so I can't complain. There is a mandatory meeting for my Humanities class on the 8th. I told the instructor that I couldn't make it. I have to work that day. She said that I can come in sometime this week to see her. I want to go tomorrow (it is tomorrow actually...but I'm not going...I choose to enjoy my day off and go Wednesday evening to see her instead). I did tell her I'd drop by on Tuesday but I seriously don't feel like doing anything other than washing clothes and listening to music. My brother came home today. I thought he wouldn't be here until the 5th but I guess it was the 5th in Iraq already maybe. My mother's aunt died too. I told him about it. He didn't really care. I didn't either for that matter. Not like the lady had ever done anything for me. Its too bad that she died though. She had a couple of strokes and didn't recover. I got my cat5 cable today. The UPS guy came bright and early. I was glad to get it. It will be good to be scrolling again on my main computer.

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