May 12, 2005

Oh Nooosss >_>

I was unable to go to work today. Hopefully I will still have a job to go to tomorrow. They are very funny abou that sort of thing. My ride called me today saying she locked herself out of the house and that her car keys were inside so she was just stuck. Her kid's dad was in the house but he was in the shower but she didn't know that. She just figured he wasn't answering the door to be a bastard. The kids won't answer the door if somebody knocks. I called my job and told them that I was going to be late. I had to call them back and tell them I wouldn't be showing up because both of the cab companies I called were not willing to send a cab to me. They said that I had called them too many times and there was no one here or they saw me getting into the other company's car. What kind of crap is that. I try to get to my job the quickest way possible. Jumping into another cab is a shit excuse though. For one thing, I never call two different cab companies like that. That would defeat the purpose because the other cab is going to take at least 20-30 minutes to arrive to begin with. Oh well though.

I've been been sick as hell today anyway. I've been coughing and throwing up and my ass is angry for some reason. Not being able to go to work had me very upset and my blood pressure was going haywire (I don't care if I was dying, I'd still be showing up at work and they'd have to cart me away...). I considered calling an ambulance but thought better of it, at least if I died I wouldn't have to worry about bills and shit anymore. Plus, if i didn't check out I'd have to worry about the damn medical fees. Calling an ambulance is pretty steep, that's like 300 bucks.

My friend says she is going to come over tomorrow or Saturday and let me drive some more. The sooner I get my license the sooner I will get my own car (I already passed the first part of the test...which any monkey could do so I'm not too impressed with that...). I already had to call out the other day but I worked on one of my off days. I don't think I'm going to request to work on my off day this time. I don't give a crap. I'm too tired and I need that two days off. I don't know though, I need the money too. I'll worry about it when I go to work tomorrow. I might seriously be fired because of this crap today but there's nothing I can do about it. I hate working there anyway.

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May 05, 2005

So sleepy...stupid homework

Ah yes, don't you love having to do this type of stuff when you're usually asleep and dreaming? The last thing I'm going to do tonight is for medical terminology. I have already sent my required e-mail about the work ethics module I have read -- which I need to remember to do until this class is over and done with so that my work ethics grade isn't shot to hell -- so now I'm moving on to participating in the class discussions. Let's just read one of the interesting tidbits of information on the immune system from one of the other students in my class.

From Student X:

Functions of the Immune System....

Our immune system makes us immune

Now, wasn't that an enlightening piece of information? The entire portion of that sentance was quite hilarious to me. They wrote that immune meant being able to resist diseases in our bodies in parenthesis so they get points for giving that hint to the rest of the world. I happened to show this to a likewise clueless regular member of a chatroom I'm in and have decided to make note of his very grateful response:

[22:37] <@x_Ryo-ohki_x> oh my god
[22:37] <@x_Ryo-ohki_x> 'our immune makes us immune'
[22:37] * @x_Ryo-ohki_x faints
[22:37] <@x_Ryo-ohki_x> i didn't know that...
[22:41] < NightStalker> no shit?
[22:41] < NightStalker> is that what it does?
[22:41] < NightStalker> well hell
[22:42] < NightStalker> i thought it was how i absorbed nutrients from food

That's all for now. I have to figure out something constructive to add to these discussions since my grade is a 16 for only posting once out of the previous 4 weeks.

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May 03, 2005

such bullshit

I just took a 3rd exam in medical terminology. This guy has a seriously unfair practice of grading exams. If you are over the alloted time, you get 5 points taken away per minute. I think that's a bit steep. Especially since I made an 80 on this test and was 6 minutes over so that pretty much means I failed it because of that 6 minutes. I could see one point a minute but five is a bit ridiculous. Why he gives so little time to begin with is also crap. This stuff isn't etched in people's brains. Even with notes its going to take you longer to thumb through it to find answers. That counter on blackboard has a bit of a delay as well. On the last test I was a minute over but that was shit, I hit submit the instant I saw the one minute warning and it said I was over the limit. What kind of crap is that.

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May 02, 2005

Stuff on the way XD

I got an e-mail from Directron with my tracking number and stuff. UPS says the ETA for my package is the 4th. I wish it were the 3rd, because I'd be off and sitting downstairs waiting for his ass. I got a message from Amazon as well saying the ETA was the 4th - 6th. I don't know when the hell I'm going to get my shit from that ebay auction. I hope soon. The guy who held it gave me a positive feedback, was my first one hehehe.

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May 01, 2005

Went to the museum

What a boring experience that was. There was some sort of special exhibit going on there with pictures from India. There were a couple of cool pictures. I especially liked one with like a golden temple thingy at night. It was very pretty. I didn't really care about the exhibit but it was for class so I should be glad I got there before it was no longer on display. The last day is the 8th. All I need to do now is write up the report. I got a family guide thingy signed by the desk clerk lady at the museum to prove I was actually there and I signed the register. I'll take a scan of the guide and send it in with my report whenever I happen to write it up. There was also this video being shown that was supposedly about the Chattahoochie. That was an interesting way to spend 20 minutes of my time. The only thing about the Hooch in this movie were a couple of shots of it. This video was so unorganized. We sat there for a good 5 or 10 minutes in the dark listening to crickets and then there was the sound of rain and flashes of lightning. There were stars on the ceiling and the lightening showed up there too and I guess what was supposed to be clouds. I think that was the high point of the showing actually. When the video really started up, one minute you have some scenes that were probably from Westville and talking about the cotton mills, then some guy talking about grinding corn to make either corn meal or grits. Next thing you know they are talking about BBQ with a hillbilly voice saying that if you can't 'feel' how to make it, you're in the wrong biddness XD. I don't really get the message that video was trying to convey but I figured it couldn't hurt to watch it. That and one of the security people seemed really enthusiastic when she cornered us and asked us to go watch it ;)

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