June 23, 2005


Just in case anyone is wondering, this is a backposted message. I didn't have anything for june but this is the one day I remember pretty well so...

Today started just like any other day. I got up, got ready for work and started the workday. I just had sort of an odd feeling this morning. Nothing was out of the ordinary when I got to work but by noon I just sort of snapped. I think it was that someone's family was visiting them. This particular resident was mentally retarded and his family was wondering why he was in a room by his self and there were other various things going on with this guy. I can't deal with all of my other residents and keep an eye on him too, I can only be in one place at a time. I told them that this facility wasn't where he needed to be. It's a nursing home. Old people are taken care of there, not people who are young and have mental disabilities. From what I was told, he was taken in on an emergency and they couldn't get rid of him. He came there about a month or so after I had started working but anyways. They didn't seem to happy. They were like well why did the accept him etc and I told them they didn't have a choice, they tried sending him to a couple of other places and each time he got sent back. There is nothing that some training by professionals who are suited to dealing with someone like that could not handle. I'm sure he was put in a nursing home because it was cheap but we just couldn't handle him. Not watch him all hours of the day.

After my discussion with his family I think I must've decided I didn't want to work there anymore. I was starting school in a week or two and I had injured my foot anyway. With such heavy work that I was doing, it wouldn't heal. I'd be ok after my 2 days off but then I'd have to come to work again and suffer for the week. I couldn't even sleep it hurt so bad. When I came back from my lunch break I just told the nurse that I wasn't coming up there anymore. I couldn't do it. She thought I was joking or whatever but I had already talked about it to the director of nursing and told her I had to quit. She tried to talk me out of it and told me she was going to be having a meeting that Friday about the people walking off the hall and just standing around drinking coffee and shit but I had had too much by then, I just wanted to go. I didn't have another job beforehand but I didn't care either, had enough saved in the bank to float a couple of months anyways. I didn't tell her the real reasons why. I just said that I was tired and I was going to be starting school anyway soon. I wans't even willing to finish out the work week. I'd have had two more days to go and just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I couldn't stand getting up in the morning to go to work there. I use to love it, but now I hated it to the point of suicide. It just wasn't worth it. Half of the week was fine, I was working with very good people. But the other half plain sucked. Especially the other girl who's permanent on the hall. She's the type of person who won't help you unless it's convenient to her. I just didn't like her attitude so I didn't spend much time talking to her. Just did my job, helped when I was asked, and went on about my business. Most of the people that worked on the hall with me pissed me off. They would always be walking off the hall and shit and I'd be wondering where they were because they were neglecting their damn people and then I get looked at crazy because I'm the one that's on the hall so I'm supposed to pick up the slack. I don't really mind that, but its the point that when I had to go off the hall and I get back they've neglected my people. Like the guy I was just talking about, his family was visiting for fuck's sake. He was not wearing a diaper. He had ripped it off and put it who knows where. I was talking to the other girl about it and she was like he ripped off that brief and threw it in the bathroom and closed the door. I had been wondering what the hell he did with it. So I'm like, you knew where it was and you just left it there? She said yes...I wasn't going to mess with it. My mind just said 'You stupid bitch'. The least she could have done was cleaned him off and put on another one. He takes them off when he craps in them and she knew that. Its ignorant assholes like her who piss me off.

A little while before this happened, maybe a couple of weeks, I had moved into a house with the girl who was taking me to work. Its good to not have people coming into your house while you are gone under the guise of being 'maintenance' and having some of your shit disappear...I can tell you that...plus no yard fines and other various crap.

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