December 20, 2005

Christmas activities

I actually went to church on the 17th. They had some sort of special thingy there. I don't remember much since I sort of zoned out but there were two parts of the singing that I liked. Little kids had come onto the stage with garbage cans and were beating them to the little drummer boy. There was this one little white boy who was particularly enthusiastic about it. He seemed to really be enjoying himself. After they finished, the young adults came onto the stage and acted out this song called The Lamb of God. I didn't like the song but I enjoyed it greatly because they were acting it out in sign language. I thought that was awesome. There were a few gifts and such given away but I didn't get one. I've always been unlucky with lotto drawings and things anyway. After it was over and we were leaving one of the ushers was saying how she wanted to learn sign language. I told her that there's plenty of information on the internet and she was like I don't really get online. I do it for work or whatever but that's it. The lady standing beside her was like I'm the same, the internet confuses me. It took much effort for me not to start laughing and pass out. That's just crazy. So much information is out there to be had FOR FREE but these ladies will probably be going out and spending their money on learning materials. That's no problem if you have the money to spare I guess.

My brother called me today. I had to tell him that I spent most of the money he gave me. I was supposed to spend it finding a car but shit happens. I had to spend it all on bills. I only have like 90 bucks left out of 1k. That's seriously sad. If I don't get this job I've been waiting on by Friday the suck factor of my life will greately increase. He says he'll send me money for my part of the rent so that's good. I don't know if the other girl on this lease is going to pay her part of the rent or not. She's supposedly going to come down here for Christmas so I'll ask her then.

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December 08, 2005

No money, no sister, no house now. No flower, no lover...

That's how the song from the Cowboy Bebop movie OST Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Future Blues/Disc1, No Money starts. It came on winamp just now. Part of the song is in another language, I need to see what it means. Makes me think about my current situation. Having no job this time of year really sucks ass. It will be at least two weeks before I'm employed again. I could ask my brother for money, but he already sent me 1k that I'm supposed to use to find a car but that didn't work out. Couldn't be helped. Shit happens. I may be getting a job in data entry. I will see two weeks from now if I land the job. would be 12 dollars an hour and guaranteed 40 hours a week since I want to work full-time. If I get this job i'm moving the hell out of this place as soon as possible.

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