January 31, 2006

How time flies

I went to the health department today and saw two people I went to school with. One of them works at the health department. I didn't really say anything to her because I couldn't remember her damn name lol. I still don't remember it (I'm such a horrible person :-/). Then another girl came. I remember her name, it's Martine (I dunno if i spelled that right...). We all just started talking about old times and people we went to highschool with. Martine was saying a few folks died. I couldn't believe Laz died. He could sing his ass off. She said some girl named Kim died but I don't remember her. I told them that my brother got married and to who and they couldn't believe it. His wife is one of those bible thumpers and my brother is very wild so they are an extremely unlikely pair (I don't even know why they are still together). It seems like everyone has had kids but me. Martine had a little baby with her and the other girl (if you read this, I'm so sorry I don't remember your name, I'm so bad remembering names) said she had a couple of kids.

I also saw two people I went to nurse aide training with, Tina and Beverly. They were always together and looks like they still are (a year later). Beverly had asked about some cds. Back when we were taking the classes I burned some for her, she bought the blanks and I only charged like 2.50 a cd since she did. I know she didn't expect me to still have those things lol. I lost contact with her so I used them. I had burned like 10 for her and didn't get paid anything right before classes ended so she might as well consider us even. I don't know why they were there but Beverly said they were out looking for work too. I know this place called New Horizons is hiring so I filled out an application. They only have a house sitter position open, however. The last time I applied for work at New Horizons, it was for a clerk position. For some reason they want you to have a driver's license and a car to take clients (New Horizons is for mentally challenged people...) around. I don't know about you, but if I got hired as a paper pusher, I'm not driving anybody any damn where. A huge shit storm would be brought down upon me if I was driving some patient around and got into an accident when I am not certified to be doing that kind of stuff. I've been gone since 9a.m. this morning. I missed a call from the temp agency. They wanted me to work and from the sound of it, they needed someone right then. I wouldn't have been able to do it anyways, I need a full day's notice damnit.

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January 26, 2006

Getting Small Business Grants and Loans - The white stags of the business industry

Is it just me, or is information on grants and loans ridiculously hard to find? I have been all over the various grant/loan type .gov sites and they all say the exact same thing. They tell you that there are grants and loans tailored to small businesses, minorities, and women (of which, all 3 happen to apply to me) yet they are vague to the point of obsurdity about WHERE you apply for them. Why all the secrecy? Most minorities and women starting their own business probably don't have any assets and they either don't have credit or the credit is bad (in my case) so a loan won't be possible no matter how you shake-n-bake it.

Since my internet search was a complete failure, I signed up for the minority business association or whatever it's called and asked them for some direction in my search. Again the vagueness happened. They just told me what I had already been reading on the website. Next, I posted to a message board for people who want to work from home (particularly mothers but anyone who wants to get into internet based businesses). This was fruitless as well. For reasons unknown to me, someone posted links to sites that had the information...for a price. I'm pretty sure the sites either belonged to them, or they were a member. Either way they had access to the information so why not share it instead of being a tightass? It would have been better if they hadn't spoken up at all. If I had the cash to obtain said information, I would have already gotten it.

Community forums are for helping eachother, not trying to relieve people of their money. For starters, there's no money to be had. If you are starting up your own business (like me!) chances are you are flat broke (which I am..). You can't squeeze blood from a turnip but I guess these folks want to cut you open and see for themselves. Any resources that you may have had, are probably all thrown into one basket and you have nothing else.

With that said, if someone comes to you asking for information that you have (which is otherwise free and just very hard to find), give them a damn break instead of trying to line your wallet with their blood.

In case anyone is wondering, I did find the information I was looking for and am willing to share it. While it didn't cost me a cent, the legality of how I got it is questionable, but hey...it was public information I was seeking to begin with. Information sharks be damned :P

(this has also been posted on my Ryo-ohki - The Insane Cabbit blog) business blog.

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January 22, 2006

Another boring day in the life of...

There is absolutely nothing going on today at all. I did a few things yesterday at least. I went to money gram and the store and haven't done much else. My brother did let me drive his car back from the store. I didn't want to drive but he said we'd just be sitting there then. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack. I tried to stay in the lane and what not. I told him I've only driven a couple of times so I don't know what he was expecting.

When I got back home I noticed that I was banned from a message board. It's for a local radio station here and the message board is apparently run by communists. I've only posted there TWICE. Both times I was just asking why the playlist wasn't updated(it hadn't been in WEEKS possibly months who knows. There was a week or two between me looking at it after my first post and it was exactly the same) and stating that the message board was too damn hard to read. Not only is the font VERY SMALL, you have a black background and orange text. That's not very nice when it is such small print. I noticed that a few of the sections (like where your name and stuff is shown) is black text on a black background. I wonder why they didn't go with phpbb or something. It could have just looked like crap to Firefox, however (why do so many of you out there use a virus magnet like IE?!?!?). Oh, they did start updating the playlist so at least that's something.

Just an update here, much love to Hot Sauce. He deleted my old account (couldn't unban it) so I will be making another one over there. I was told the issue of the sux formatting in Firefox was also spoken about. It's good to know somebody there is listening, but don't ban people just for bringing something like that to your attention

I got a response back from 1and1 telling me that mod rewrite is enabled and I should put something (that's already there!) into my .htaccess file. I think I'm going to believe the first e-mail that I got from some totally different person telling me that NO there is no mod rewrite capable from your shared hosting account -_-;.

It seems that both of my hosts have some sort of problem. I can't just have everything at once I suppose. I use dreamhost too and I sent their tech support an e-mail for nothing. I was uploading some images and my ftp program couldn't get a list of the directory. The connection timed out (Ok...it wasn't SOME...it was a whole lot...around 5000). I couldn't even delete the directory so that's what I sent them a message about, to see if they could either do something about the time out (30secs...I already knew the answer but wanted to ask for the hell of it) and if not, delete the directory. I hate waiting for a response so I was thinking of what I could possibly do to either move the images, or delete the directory. All I want to know is why I didn't think about using SSH last night. Maybe I had been working on my site for too long. At least I don't have to worry about it anymore. I'm sure tech support is going to ask what I've been smoking. I don't get to e-mail them much though so I'll think of this as getting in some experience by asking stupid questions.

Anyhow, I am FINALLY done adding all of the products to the database so now I can just fix up the site. One hopes this will make me some cash. I don't really want to work for someone else -- but I would so just call me ;). Bills are piling up like crazy so if I don't get something working soon I'm going to be in bad shape (where is that miracle when you need it?).

One last thing, WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEACE`MAKER AND WHERE ARE YOU K^5?? Those who know, know what I mean. Damnit.

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January 19, 2006

Quite the scare

I had such a hard time last night. I kept having chest pains. I thought I was going to have a god damn heart attack. I was scared to go to sleep. Not to mention Susumu was freaking me out. She is very playful. Even when she wants to nap she will be playful instantly if you start bothering her but she was a lot calmer than usual. She just kept looking at me. I really thought I was going to check out last night. You can imagine my surprise when I actually woke up this morning. I really should get something done about this high blood pressure of mine. I know sooner or later I will actually have a heart attack and since I'm by myself most of the time, I ain't gonna make it :-/

Things around here have been so crazy lately. I haven't been working in a long while and I don't have the money to pay my rent. The landlady isn't too happy about it but she's trying to work with me. I will have to do something and fast.

I finally got a response from 1and1 yesterday. 8 days later. That's the worst tech support response time I have EVAR encountered. 8 days to send me a one line message saying no mod_rewrite for j00. I got another domain name the other day (hey, it was free) so I moved my store over to it. http://marciesgifts.com. I need to work on it a bit more. I think I want to concentrate on selling candles and incense and stuff like that. Everybody I know of likes scented candles. I have to do something quick to start making money.

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January 14, 2006

Why so difficult? :-/

I'm trying to convert my movable type posts to drupal and this just ain't working. I've tried everything I can think of. Some people who post to the drupal communty had some pretty complicated shit written up to do it from making a new template and converting it to xml so you can do shit with it etc. Someone gave me the link to a typepad converstion and it should have worked but it didn't. This is driving me crazy. It should be simple but it's not. I'm also wondering why the hell so many people made up such confusing shit to convert posts and not just use the data MT gives when you export (its just a simple text file) instead. The type pad script sees all the posts and stuff but I get two erros. I may end up just having to post them over and back date the entries. So I'd not have any comments to my stuff anymore. This is making Ryo very sad :'(

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January 11, 2006

Args I need more clients!

God damn, I've never had a dry spell this long. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO NEED SHIT INSTALLED TO THEIR SERVERS? I haven't had a request to install forum or cms software in FOREVER and I'm flat broke. Here buyers buyers buyers. Maybe I'm not promoting myself enough. I need to fix up this damn site too and make it look more professional I guess. I MIGHT be converting this blog to drupal (since I use it for my other sites). Something told me I should have gone with drupal for my blog IN THE BEGINNING. What was I thinking XD. Don't get me wrong, movable type is great since I don't use it for more than occasional rants.

On another note, I need the ModRewrite module installed so I can have clean urls on my drupal install. God damn 1and1. That shit about 24 hour tech support is LIES LIES LIES. This is day two and still no response from those bitches. I have NEVER gotten a response from them in less than 24 hours. I had hoped someone was working on it since I couldn't access my index for a minute there. I got a 403 error so I deleted the .htaccess file. I tried to enable clean urls though and still NADA T_T so who knows what the fuck is going on.

I have another website too! it's http://oshietekudasai.com and it's for a channel I run on rizon, #learnjapanese. I don't have much up on it yet though... but will eventually. The previous founder of the channel isn't dead yet, he's just in serious lurk mode. I hope he didn't mind me registering another domain. He had one he wanted to register but I couldn't find out what the it was so I picked something myself. I tried searching his forum but oh well.

I saw the movie Jisatsu Circle the other day. It was very good right up until the last 40 minutes. There was such a shitty ending that I don't really want to talk about it. I didn't get the point of it at all. What was the point in that bowling alley freak and his freak friends capturing animals and girls and shit and putting them in white sheets (ok obviously the point was to torture them but w/e). And why weren't any of them trying to escape. There was a lot of people in there and very few of that gang or whatever the hell it was. You telling me they couldn't bum rush those assholes. They had absolutely NOTHING to do with the story other than them capturing 'The Bat' or w/e that chick was calling herself. How did they even find her. The cops couldn't find out who and where the hell she was but some random strangers lookin like they were running a 486 could? What kind of shit is that. I did get the point that there really was no suicide club and I sort of figured they were using subliminal messages in music to make people kill themselves but WHY WHERE THEY DOING IT. If it had just ended abruptly before the part with the drag queen in the bowling alley and that lame ass song it would have been a better picture. They should have gotten Gackt or something. He looks like a drag queen too, but at least he's a hot one with talent.

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