February 22, 2006


This shit is getting crazy. I haven't paid my rent in two months (coming up on 3) and I'm about to be evicted. I've never been in such a bad situation before. If only I had been able to find some clients :-/ and the store I have isn't profitable enough to save me. *depressed*

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February 16, 2006

Why is selling so HARD :-/

Geeze, my site looks halfway decent. People tell me they liked what was on it, but I haven't gotten any sales. I'm currently looking for another distributor of scented candles too. I found one but they want a bit more money than I'm capable of letting go of for now. I don't really like shit where you have to go through a current distributor in order to become one yourself but the candles are very fucking nice. I've e-mailed a few different companies so hopefully they respond to me. GO BUY FROM MY SHOP! Ryo-ohki needs your money >.>

Also, let me just say that you cocksucking comment spammers make me sick.

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February 07, 2006

Why have a phone if you won't answer it?

My sister called me about 30 minutes ago from jail. It costs over 4 bucks for the first minute and 85 cents after that. She told me to call some guy and ask him to get her a lawyer. I have called him like 10 times in the last 20 minutes and he isn't answering his fucking phone. Nobody sleeps that god damn hard. What I want to know is, why do you asshats out there even bother having telephones if you aren't going to answer them? My brother does that shit too. He will let the phone ring and ring until his voicemail picks up and then just call you back. Why not answer in the first damn place? You don't know who the fuck could be calling you.

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February 06, 2006

Karma is a motherfucker

Ah first off, if Chris sees this, I have responded to your comment so go read it and thanks for dropping by my little slice of insanity.

My mom called me a few minutes ago and told me my sister got arrested. She has a warrant out for her arrest here in Georgia and another one out in Texas. I knew that shit was going to catch up to her. She's been doing some not right things lately. She was in a really bad way financially but then things started falling into place for her and she wasn't paying that shit forward. That's what happens when you try to be shady. I feel bad that she got arrested though. I hear her husband is being an asshole too. He won't give my mother the key to her house so she can get her medicine. I don't know what the hell she's going to do, her or my mom. I damn sure can't do anything to help. Oh well.

I was trying to check out IE7 today. That shit was a disaster. I haven't been installing various updates to this machine since I'm not one of those ignorant people prone to getting viruses and what not to begin with. There just wasn't a need for it. You can't install IE7 without at least sp2 and I was still on sp1. I decided to install the various critical updates and sp2 and somewhere things started going wrong from there. Sp2 did not install correctly somehow and when I restarted windows told me my system was unstable so I needed to uninstall sp2. Now at first I thought that this would not be such a good idea (and it wasn't!) but I spent about an hour trying to just reinstall sp2 without success since the microsoft update website is full of shit. I was forced to uninstall sp2 and then restarted again. When my computer finally came back up it said OHHHHH NOEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS FUBAR. As you can imagine, that was not a nice thing to see. All I have to say is thank god for restoration points. I would have been completely screwed and offline. I would not have been able to format this computer. Well I could have, but I would lose around 30 gigs of music and other various things that aren't backed up anywhere and well I'm not willing to do that for any reason. I was able to restore to a non-fucked up state and I installed sp2 (finally!) but I'm in no mood to install IE7 tonight. It might get done tomorrow. Old bessie has been restarted enough times today.

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