August 29, 2006

First Day

Well, I was tired when I got home but it wasn't like how tired I use to be on first shift in Columbus. I'm getting paid more than I was there too. My only complaint is that there was no other nurse aide on the hall for the last 4 hours of the shift. I hate working by myself when I don't know the residents or anything. The nurse helped me do rounds so that was good. I hope Wednesday will be better. I'd rather stay on the same hall that I'm on. I don't mind being in the dimensia ward since that's primarily the sort of environment I'm use to working in. Having this job isn't going to stop me from looking for something better, however. If I can find an office job somewhere I'm going to take it. I'm waiting on someone to give me the correct address for the website for civillians to apply for jobs on the military base. The person who told me about it said that there is a shuttle that goes back and forth to the base so I'd be able to take it to and from work. That would be great.

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August 24, 2006

Last few days of freedom

I had put in an application at a nursing home last Thursday or Friday and I got called in for an appointment Tuesday. I assumed it would just be an interview but I actually got hired. It seems like a nice place to work. It's much better than the nursing homes in Columbus. It's damn depressing working in ANY nursing home there. The one here is very nice and they have different sections for like assisted living and such. Real classy. It doesn't even smell like a nursing home. At least not what I'm use to smelling while I'm in one. I get free health and life insurance too so that's ok. I hate that having life insurance is mandatory though. I can see why it would be, however. I just think it's a jinx to get life insurance since you can't actually use it if you're alive. Why would I want someone to benefit from me dying?

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August 17, 2006

First day of class

I only have two classes. I'm taking Accounting I and Salesmanship. Accounting I is gonna be some boring stuff. The instructor told us that the first 4 chapters are practically the same as what I've done in business accounting but oh well. It's all the same to me. I've read some of the first chapter of the book in salesmanship and it seems like the same stuff I've done in intro to business. At least I know I won't be getting bad grades :)

Yesterday I got someone mad at me. It's one of my internet friends. I'm the one who hosts her website. She got pissed because I said she isn't motivated. Hell, she probably blocked me on AIM. It's true though, she isn't motivated. She's like 18 or 19 and all she does is go to school. That's not bad or anything, but she doesn't have money to really get anything she wants and depends on her mom for pretty much everything and well her mom seems like a stingy and paranoid person when it comes to getting certain things. I guess it started when she said she was tired because she hadn't slept much. I don't see how you can really be tired when you don't do hardly anything but be online. I don't think school is in for her yet either. She doesn't work and as far as I can tell, she doesn't really go anywhere. She wants to have broadband but she won't put forth the effort to pay for it herself. Doesn't that sound like an unmotivated person? She doesn't want to do for herself. She lives in a small place apparently but I live in a small place too. I have to walk EVERYWHERE. I mean on an average day I will be walking for over an hour to get to somewhere, even if it's only the library that I'm going to. And in 100 degree weather no less. Sure, I don't have to go to the library but I take my ass over there anyway. I don't like sitting at home all day. I'm not the skinniest person in the world either. I have to walk to school too and that's a good hour of walking up hill *shrug*.

Anyhow, if she reads this, I hope she won't get even more mad at me. I know she glances at my blog occasionally. I don't mean to say anything to put her down but I just wish she would be more outgoing and agressive toward life ya know? I know that she doesn't have to work since her parents are taking care of her needs but what about the shit that you WANT? You have to put forth the effort to get that stuff yourself instead of staying in that comfort zone. I try to tell her things to help her, I don't intend to be mean. I'm just telling her the harsh realities of life. I wish I could be 18 again damnit. I didn't do much back then but go to school too but I was going to school during the day, working on campus during my two hour break, and going back to school until 10 at night. Do that for two years and see if you're still sane afterwards. Not many people would be :P. If you are young, single, and with no kids, there's no reason for you to be sitting at the house unless your classes are just completely intense (I doubt they get more intense than taking something like calc and physics at the same time tho like I was...). I didn't have to work back then but I wanted money for myself to do stuff. I can't live without broadband and I was taking care of myself and my mom instead of the other way around. The only reason why I'm not working now is because it's hard as hell to find a decent job here with the hours where I can still go to school. I don't choose to not work, it just happens to be that I'm not right now bleh.

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