September 26, 2006

@#$%#@$%$ Movable Type

I'm getting so pissed off. I want to switch this thing to my DH account but I'm having a hell of a time. Something told me that I should have used a mysql database instead of berkeley and now I know why. I transferred everything to DH and the fucking database files can't be read. Trying to upgrade the files isn't working so now I will have to convert the files to a mysql database. That hasn't been successful either. I'm too fucking tired to try again right now but I'm just going to upgrade this piece of shit to ver 3 and go from there.

I got my usb hub yesterday and it's working great. It's so nice to have most of my media available again. I am going to order a 300gb hd and a couple of more power strips when I get paid. I have two hds that I can't access because they don't have enclosures. I'm just going to swap out one of the enclosed hds just to transfer the data to the new hd when I get it.

I got pissed off at work too. I wanted to walk out on those bastards. I did a double shift this past saturday. I turned in the time sheets to HR and the acting DON wanted to see them (I had 3 to turn in). That bitch wouldn't give me premium pay for the 23rd. She said that because I called in Friday, she wouldn't give it to me. She can kiss my ass. I'm going to go to the administrator and see what the hell she's going to say. There's nothing in the handbook that says any kind of shit like that. When I called in, I said I can't come Friday but I could come in early on Saturday if needed. I didn't remember saying that I wanted to make up my fucking time. I already had over 80 hours so why the hell would I do that shit if I weren't getting premium pay for coming in early.

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September 24, 2006


I ordered something and paid for 2-day shipping. Needless to say, it's over two days later and I still haven't gotten my stuff. This is really pissing me off. The shipping was more than the item itself so I'm pretty irked that its not here when it's supposed to be. I read the tracking information and it said the package arrived after the courier had already left. How the hell is that shit MY problem. I will be choosing ground shipping ALWAYS from now on. 2-day, etc isn't guaranteed and you just spend more money. Bastages.

I hate it when something is late. I'm also having problem's with dreamhost's tech support. I want to transfer this blog to my hosting account with them (because I want to use drupal and 1and1 -- who hosts it now -- doesn't seem to support mod_rewrite or even be aware of what the fuck it is). I'm running an older version of MT and I can't convert the berkeley db over there. It's really making me cry T_T. Actually, I may just upgrade this blog to the current version and try to work something out. I just like this version because I can have multiple blogs and such without having to pay for it *i'm cheap, so what*.

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September 21, 2006

this can't be good...

Yesterday I started getting sharp pains in my right ear. Today it hurts a little. Not severely or anything, but the feeling is there. I hope I don't have an ear infection in my right ear. Seems like I just got over the inner and outer infection of my left ear. :-/

The laptop I got is working fine. I wish it had a cd burner or something though. I ordered a usb hub from and it should be here sometime tomorrow. I will have to wait until my next paycheck to buy another hd. I don't know why I didn't order any damn surge protectors. I may try to get some from walmart or something. I plan on ordering the hd from too but that's not until another week or so and it's starting to storm and stuff here so I don't think I want to wait that long to get a surge protector. I left my laptop on while I'm at school since I'm leeching something and I hope like hell my stuff isn't fried by the time I get back.

I'm supposed to be working on some book cover templates for someone. I haven't even started on that shit. I told the guy that I'd have something to show him by Monday but that isn't all that likely. I really don't know how to do book covers and I told him so. I haven't even installed any graphics programs onto the laptop yet. I don't know what hds have the stuff I need on 'em. I think I have some stuff archived on cds. I may look for it today, I may not. I don't really care (even though I would like the money...).

I want to quit my job so bad. They are working me like a slave there. So many people are quitting and its it making it a lot harder on the people who do have to work there. I got to find something else to do and fast. I'm starting to dread waking up in the morning now. I try to appear happy while I'm at the nursing home but I'm actually severely depressed when I'm there. They need someone for 3rd shift for a week or so. I want to volunteer since I'd like the money but I don't think I will. 3rd shift is just turning people in the bed and stuff but I'm usually already wiped out by the time I get to leave that damn place. I already skipped a day of class to recover from those doubles. I'm not worried about my accounting class but that salesmanship class is hard on me. I don't like the class at all. It isn't hard or anything, but it's boring as all hell. I tend to stop caring at all about classes like that and not showing up/doing homework if I'm not interested. I'll be lucky to come away from this class with a C at this rate.

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September 18, 2006

Never again >.>

I'm so tired. I just got over two double shifts at the nursing home. I will never do that again, especially on a Saturday. I didn't think I was going to make it through Sunday night. My feet were hurting so bad and I was so tired that my vision was getting blurry. I wouldn't have made it if some of the girls didn't feel pity for me. I try to help out no matter what when I'm there but last night I damn sure needed help and I guess they saw that I did. They put a few of my people to bed for me and all I had to do were my final rounds. If it weren't for them helping me out, I don't think I would have made it. I was close to passing out as it was.

I'm up here at the school now because I am scheduled to tutor from 8:30-9:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays but I think I'm going to have myself taken off and just tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It took a lot of effort and willpower for me to get my ass up this morning and come up here today. These people don't even want to be tutored. There's a couple of people who do, but they only show up in the lab (where I am) after my timeslot in the tutoring center because they know I'm in here after my class at noon.

I wouldn't have done doubles but I need the money. I got paid on Friday but I didn't do what I intended to do with some of the money. I wanted to get a computer with it. I saw a good one on for 279 and I wanted to get it. It doesn't come with a monitor and speakers though. My sister knows a guy who refurbishes computers so I wanted to get a 19 inch from him and speakers since I know it would be cheap. Well, somehow I ended up walking out with a laptop instead. Between the laptop and my mom, i'm pretty much broke XD

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September 07, 2006

A completely lame moment.


I got a 100 on the test I'm talking about...XD

I like accounting. I mean I really really like it. I aspire to be an accountant sometime in the near future. I took a test about an hour ago and I couldn't for the god damn life of me remember the book definition of Owner's Equity. I know what owner's equity is but you tell me to define anything and I'm going to be drawing blanks most of the time. I know ALL of the types of business entities you can choose to form. I'm not talking about the 3 basic ones (proprietorship, partnership, corporation) but when you tell me to list characteristics (even though on the gut level I do know them) I'm going to get all fucking confused and probably add some that I remember from other classes. This is why I need to read over specific shit before a test instead of taking it. I assumed it would be mostly multiple choice/true false and I'd have to journalize some stuff. Assume does really make an ass out of u and me, that's for sure lol. There was like ONE true/false question and few multiple choice. I did have to journalize some transactions but the rest were some definitions. I got asset and liability just fine but the definition for owner's equity seemed to escape me and I got a bit fuzzy listing characteristics of the types of business entities. I know that all the people who took the test got an A in it and here my dumb ass will probably make a boarderline B. Oh well...

I also had a moment of a near freak-out today too. I couldn't find my flash drive. This thing is pretty much my life right now. I still don't have a computer so anything that I've been doing online the last 5 months is on it. I usually stick it in a certain spot in my bag but I guess it fell into another section. I'm glad no one was in this lab when I was just dumping all my stuff out to find it. I would have been so pissed because I really don't think someone would just turn the drive in to the lost and found.

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