March 14, 2007

Updates and whatnot

Well, where should I begin. There isn't really much going on with me nowadays. I will never be buying that green tea mousse pocky again, that's for sure. That stuff is nasty as hell. I should have just gotten some giant strawberry pocky since I know, for sure, that I will like it. I was disappointed in the sakura kitkats as well. It didn't really taste like cherry at all. It was just a sugary type taste and it wasn't a very pleasant snack experience IMO. I don't see why it sells out all the time. I won't be buying that again either. The strawberry kitkats are bearable, but again, not favorites of mine. Anybody who says they like the special flavors over the regular chocolate ones are probably lying. That's what was missing actually, the god damn chocolatyness. That meji meltykiss strawberry is fucking awesome. I wish the pieces were bigger. It really melts in your mouth too. You get a hit of chocolate and then the huge strawberry flavor. Quite tasty. I don't know if I'm going to order anything else before jlist pulls the chocolate snacks this year. I'm poor.

School is going ok. I still have yet to start any of my online classes. I only work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so there really is no excuse for my laziness. I was supposed to have 25% of the classes done by a certain date but I really don't care. So long as I finish them by the end of the semester, there shouldn't be a problem.

Those kittens are getting bigger and bigger every time I look at them. They are costing me a fortune too with all the food and cat litter I have to buy weekly. Fubuki is living up to her name. She's seriously frigid. She doesn't like to be picked up and cuddled like the other kittens and she doesn't seek out your attention. If she weren't the prettiest of the lot, I'd get rid of her ass. She better start warming up lol. It's probably my fault I guess. I don't spend a lot of time with any of them. I keep my door closed and let them run around the house. I'm thinking about moving. I heard of some apartments with decent rent and they allow pets. I need to check it out. I meant to do it Tuesday but I probably won't do anything until next week. Payday is tomorrow. Not that I'll spend much on me. It's a damn shame how much bills are every month :-/

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