February 16, 2007

My First Speech

It is my hope that I actually got a passing grade for it. The speech was supposed to be 3-5 minutes long and I made time at a little over 4 minutes. All we had to do is turn in the outline and give the speech. My outline was crap lol. I talked about what was in it but I didn't write an introduction or a conclusion but I did make them in my speech. I have an outline properly done but I printed out the wrong shit and didn't think I'd have time to run out and print out the right one (I did though...I will know next time). I talked about how my brother and I got stuck in a car when we were little. I didn't actually write the speech out. I had been thinking about it all week though. I was either going to talk about that or how I got Susumu. I figured the car incident would be better. I didn't bring a visual aide though. I would have gotten extra points if I had. I don't really care. An A and a C have the same weight to me. Passing is passing IMO.

On another topic, I got some snacks I ordered from Jlist. I know that I'm such a dork. I take pictures of everything and I took pictures of what I got. There are some Strawberry Kit-Kats, Sakura Kit-Kats, Meiji Meltykiss Strawberry, and Green Tea Mousse Pocky. Just if you were wondering, yes, these are all cases of the snacks. It isn't worth it to buy stuff from jlist (especially if it's being shipped from Japan!) if you don't buy more than what you plan on paying for shipping.

Picture of various snacks

I also took more pictures of my cats. I have some new shots of the kittens. As always, they are posted on Liquid Panorama

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February 06, 2007

I must be a better writer than I thought

Last week I wrote an essay for my English Comp II class. This is an online class and it had to be proctored. It was an entrance essay and I had to write about how my parents' history and lifestyle influenced me going to college. The fact of the matter is that they didn't influence me at all. I just like going to school (mostly...). I have changed programs of study 3 times during my college career and might change again before I make it through the program I'm currently in. I get bored quite easily (and pissed off too which can also attribute to changing fields). It's a habit I have been unsuccessful in breaking, so early on I decided not to try and just go with the flow. I wanted to be successful and make great gobs of money but I really don't care anymore. Don't get me wrong, I want to be rich and not have to work lol, but I don't want to work too hard to get there because, no matter what, you can't take it with you. I'd rather die broke, IMO.

Anyhow, I thought the topic was a pile of crap and I had waited a few weeks before I even got myself motivated enough to get a proctor (my Accounting instructor said she'd do it before or after class which was good). When I finally sat down to write it, I wasn't motivated at all and just put down anything. I was being truthful but, to me, it just came out more of a rant about how I do what I want to do and I go to school without any particular goal in mind. Of course, what i wrote was a bit more long-winded than that. The instructor liked it. I didn't think the organization of my thoughts was all that good but that just goes to show, paying attention in your English classes will only benefit you later on in life. I've taken comp I and I probably did, indeed, take comp II and don't remember. Most of the time I just write and throw correct sentence structure and grammar rules to the wind. It is possible (and is probably true) that I unconsciously make an effort to make what I write at least have a logical flow. The comp II instructor said, "I found your essay well written in terms of word
usage, organization, and grammar." I had to read that sentence a few times. I didn't really think about what I was going to write before I wrote it but I must've done something right ;)

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This is why you can't be nice to family

I'm really beginning to hate my sister. All she does is use people. Over the holidays I have given her around 800 bucks. It was understood that this money would be given back to me. I don't have that kind of money to give to people for, the hell of it. She has been putting off paying me back for a couple of months, even though it was only supposed to take a few weeks.

The plan was for her to buy me a computer. I don't are about her physically putting the money into my hands. I had been saving it for that purpose anyway. She kept giving me excuse after excuse and asking me to wait and saying she'd still pay me back and she just needed more time. That's fine you know, I didn't mind waiting and have waited but now I'm trying to move into a house and I need the money. She, being the selfish and conceited bitch that she is, is quite unwilling to help even though she can and said that she would. I'm not asking her for any god damn favors, I just want her to fucking pay me back what she owes me. She just got married and this guy has been throwing money at her to fix whatever problem of the day she seems to be having but she won't ask him to help her to pay me back simply because it's concerning me, therefore it isn't important to her.

She also has her bills and shit in my name. She has run them both (the gas and electric) up into the hundreds of dollars. She told me she will get the light and gas in the house i put a deposit on turned in in her husband's name. I have already gotten the key for the house and I still need to pay him first month's rent. She is supposed to pay him and get the utilities on. I told her that I got the key and she was all defensive and shit saying i shouldn't have done it since now she has to transfer the money sooner than she wanted too blah blah blah etc and w/e. She planned on paying this guy for half a month's rent. That's the problem with her. She wants to do shit on her own time and to benefit her. Her plan was to get off paying the least amount possible. It's just like this fucking printer she got. I wanted a specific one and it would have taken care of around 200 dollars of the debt she owes me. That was the deal. I spent 200 dollars (nearly 300 really...) on her for Christmas but this was supposed to be an equal exchange. I get this for you and you get this for me. She figures she'll just buy me some shitty 100 dollar printer since she remembered the word lexmark and we'd be even. She argued with me about it and I told her that she needs to take it back then and just give me the 200 bucks but I knew she wasn't going to do that (because she's selfish, after all...).

After that, she gave me some sob story about how she had to send 1k to some lawyer in Texas to keep herself out of jail. I sympathized with her situation (too much it seems) and offered to give her half of it if she would agree to pay me back when she got paid. Like I dummy, I actually believed her when she said yes. It's my fault that I'm in this situation so there is no one to blame but me (like usual). I have learned my lesson though (the hard way). Even though she got remarried she has since asked me for money for some situation or another and I just tell her no.

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