May 17, 2007

something funny is going on o.O

Well, Susumu doesn't have cancer or anything so far as the vet told me. He did say she was pregnant and he showed me she was lactating. She doesn't look like she's pregnant now though. Her nipples have gone down. I guess it's too much to hope that she's somehow miraculously aborted the babies. He said she was around 30 days along when I took her to the vet last week.

I took Tom and Jerry in to be neutered Tuesday. I only brought one carrier to pick them up. I went in there and I could hear two cats hissing and growling. They brought out two carriers with my cats. Apparently getting fixed makes their scent change and they were being mean to each other so they couldn't be in the same carrier. I took them home and let them loose and they seemed to calm down. The only problem was that Sonar was non too happy to have two unfamiliar males in the house so he was being extremely mean to all of the other cats, even Susumu because of it. It looks like he's gotten over it this morning. I'm glad. He was about to go into the carrier and take a time out. He was really getting on my nerves.

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May 06, 2007

Oh no T_T

I went to feed the cats and my mama cat Susumu's belly looked funny. I picked her up and there are lumps around her nipples. I will have to call the vet first thing Monday and take her in. I hope it's not cancer. I love Susumu :(

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Another update post

Man, I just haven't been posting as frequently as I'd like to. The semester is almost over and I still have not even started my online classes. I am so not motivated and don't really care about the ramifications to my gpa and financial aide should I fail the courses. I still have a chance to finish it but I will have to really get my ass in gear when I get off of work Monday night. I am doubtful that I will be finishing the courses because I simply do not care.

It's sad really, I don't take my online classes but I make sure to finish someone else's. I'm taking intermediate algebra for someone at another school (an online course, naturally) and I make sure to do his shit without fail. I usually procrastinate until Sunday which is a bad time to be doing math considering I just got off of work at 6:30 in the morning and only was able to take an hour nap after I took my shower and what not. This course is almost over. I only have to take the final for it since I just took the last chapter test. I really amazed myself. I've been struggling through the whole course (well...not really... my lowest grade was like a 78 and the rest of the grades have been A's or high B's). I got a 100 on the last chapter test and I was sure I failed it. It was dealing with functions, the quadratic formula and graphing parabolas. It's annoying as hell when you are doing that shit without a graphing calculator, that's for damn sure. You get 2 hours for each test and I finished with 30 minutes to spare. That's a long fucking time though for 20 questions. I probably would have taken a lot less time doing it if I knew where my graphing calculator was *sigh*. I should be glad that I know how to do this shit on paper, however...

Work sucks as usual. I go back for another hellish 16 hour shift today. I will have to start getting ready in about 45 minutes but first I will attend to my cats. I seriously want another job. I don't know how long I can hold out working at this shitty nursing home. I need a better paying job. I can't afford to keep working there really. I pay my bills and help my mom with hers and I just don't make enough money to pay everything. It wasn't a problem but the fucking alternator went out in the car and I had to pay 485 bucks to get it repaired. That put a big dent in my already dwindling bank account. Anyhow, I guess I should go feed my cats and such and get ready for work.

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