June 27, 2007

They're gonna give me a heart attack

I went to feed the cats and two of them were missing, Susumu and Sonar. There was huge hole in the screen in the second room too. I immediately started to panic. I went outside and around to the back and Susumu had come back by the window but Sonar was nowhere to be seen. I brought her back into the house and went outside again. I went to the backyard and started calling his name and didn't hear anything.. I got closer to the fence and called him and I heard him a little. He was right over in the yard behind the house to the right of mine. He was laying down and not moving so I thought he had been hurt or something. No matter what I said he just meowed and wouldn't move. I walked around to the neighbor's house and rang her doorbell (was an asian lady who apparently didn't like black people since she just opened the door and not the glass screen door and was standing back asking what I wanted). I told her my cat was in her backyard and if I could go back there and she said ok. I walked up to him and he just looked at me and wasn't moving so I rubbed him and then I started touching him all over and then I just grabbed him. He was perfectly fine. He was just so damn scared of being outside in the world that he couldn't move. That's a scaredy-cat for you. He's a pretty big ca too so that's just how sad he was. I'm just glad neither of them was hurt. I'm going to have to get something to fix that damn screen, however. God forbid my landlord drives by and notices the huge hole in the scren if Its left like it is for too long.

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just like gravy

Since my last post I have gotten my ds-x fixed and am now living in homebrew heaven. I have installed apps to read my manga (ComicBookDS), listen to music and watch videos (MoonShell). Moonshell also views txt files so you could read ebooks too ;).

In other news, school sucks. I have 3 research papers due for english class and 1 due for psychology that I haven't done at all. Hell, I don't even know if I'll get them done at this rate either. I have also still not done my History class. I don't know if I haven't done anything because I'm burned out or because I'm just too damn lazy to get started (probably a little bit of both). I need to ge my ass in gear. If I don't pass these classes I'm going to be on academic and financial probation. The sad part is that I don't really give a damn.

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June 19, 2007

damn ds-x

So, a few days ago I got a ds-x cart for my nintendo ds. My intention was to be able to listen to music while I was at work. That's the only time I even use my ds. I get this thing and it fucking craps out on me not even a full 24 hours later. I head over to the ds-x support site and put in a support ticket and get no response. I go to modchipstore.com's site and put in a support ticket and they give me the rma number so I can return it. Now I'm in a tough situation. If I can fix this piece of shit I'd rather fix it. It was nice for the hot minute it was working. So now I'm waiting on them to release the 3rd release of the fix. I wasn't told about it soon enough to be able to participate in the public beta which sucks ass. I'm telling these people that I want to attempt a fix before I can no longer get a refund. I'm not going to go through this shit again so I don't want a replacement. Everybody and their grandmother is having the same damn problem and getting another one will only set myself up for failure. I knew I should have gotten an ipod mini or something >.>

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