November 23, 2007

Another holiday come and gone

I didn't have much of a thanksgiving. I had to work. I don't know why the hell at&t would want call centers open on a major holiday. Pretty much all other departments were closed but customer service had to be open. I'd be waiting 30 minutes before I got a call. They were asking people if they wanted to go home by 5p.m. so I said why not. I don't feel like I got off early though. I should have stayed until 7p.m.

It's a cold day here in Kansas. I have the heat on but the heating system in this house is crap. There is only one big vent in the living room. At least the cats get to stay warm. I don't open my door to let the heat in because they will come in and destroy my room.

Nothing much has been going on. I get up, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat. Pretty boring life I guess. I work from morning to night so there isn't time to do anything. On my off days I just stay in bed and sleep. More later...perhaps.

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