January 12, 2008

First post of the new year

My life has become completely chaotic lately. Around Dec 27 my landlord came over to cut some branches or some shit and he saw one of my cats in the window. Long story short, I have to move out. I don't know how much time he's going to give me either. I found a place that accepts pets BUT they don't accept cats. You know me though, I don't give a damn. I'll move in anyway. I called the rental agency and asked why no cats. The lady said some shit about how even if cats don't pee on the floor or anything they just leave an 'odor' on the carpet and they always have to put in new carpets. Well, that's all well and good except this particular house has NO carpet. It's all hardwood floors. What kind of shit is that. I'd rather them know that I have cats so that this situation doesn't happen again. It's so hard to find places that accept pets. The rent is 200 bucks more than what I'm currently paying but if I can keep my cats it will be worth it. Time for work, more later.

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