July 22, 2008

Holy shit, 4 years

It just hit me that I've had this blog for 4 years now. My life still sucks like hell though. I haven't made any improvements whatsoever. I think since 2004 very few things have changed with me other than moving to Kansas a couple of years ago. I'm still always broke and I still completely suck at go. You think I would have improved in 4 years but I haven't. Actually, I think I have managed to get even worse than the level of suck I was at 4 years ago (that's what happens when you barely play). *hangs head in shame*. At least I can say I have a goban now, not that I know anyone close to me who can play *sigh*

On another note, I got an order on my web store. I was very fucking surprised. Too bad the item they ordered is discontinued and out of stock lol. I had to e-mail the person and ask if they would be satisfied with an item that was similar to the one they wanted. I really need to update a lot of stuff. I'm just not in the mood though. I have to go through my website and delete all of the products that are discontinued. I also have to upgrade drupal. Hell, I need to upgrade movable type too but I'm way too fucking lazy. My blacklist script has mysteriously become fubar as well so now combating spam is even more tedious. I'll have to be content with closing the comment portion of old posts for now to make my life easier. Anyhow, more later.

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July 12, 2008

iPhone 3G

Nothing much has been going on. I've had a pretty good past couple of days though. I went to work Friday out of sympathy for my poor manager who had to call everybody and ask people to come in for overtime. The iPhone was released Friday and the expected call volume would be a lot higher than normal. My entire day was nothing but irate at&t customers who were pissed off because they couldn't get the new iPhone. I think it's so hilarious that people actually think at&t should let them get a new phone at a discount whenever the hell they feel like getting a new phone. People were asking for supervisors left and right just to be told over and over that they can't get that piece of shit phone.

Today wasn't as fun as yesterday but it was still pretty amusing. I must say that the highlight of my day was a call I got 30 minutes or so before I had to leave from work. I had some lady who was getting a company discount call in bitching that the company is penalizing her for being a long-time customer. Because she gets a discount she has to upgrade in the at&t corporate store but they sold out of the devices pretty quick. She was just saying the same stuff over and over again and wanted to talk to the retention department because she's been with the company forever and shouldn't be treated like that blah blah blah etc. I finally had to tell the lady how sorry I was about the inconvenience but she can go to the corporate store and they would get a phone ordered for her. I told her that yes, you will have to wait a little longer to get it but the world will continue to turn. She started laughing in disbelief that I said something like that and asked me for my name and id. She had to be satisfied with my first name only though. I tell you, new apple products make their fanboys/girls turn into idiots if they can't have it immediately. I know one thing, I'm not going to stand in line anywhere for 4+ hours waiting to get something like that without calling and making sure I would be able to get the device at that particular location or not. I really have no sympathy for people like that. Get all of the god damn information before you go bitching and moaning about the unfair treatment you are getting. The world is not going to end just because you can't get the new iPhone within the first couple of weeks, I really promise you that it won't.

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