April 30, 2008

Reign Over Me and other things

I just finished watching this movie and I thought it was great. This is really the first time I've watched Adam Sandler in a serious movie and I think he did an excellent job. I think this movie got some nominations but that's fucked up, this movie should have won some awards. That's the problem with all these movie awards, it's only the shit movies that win while the good ones get passed over. I remember when crash came out, it didn't win a thing either and it was a great movie.

In other goings on, I played go on KGS after a long absence there, I had to re-register my name and everything. I have really gotten rusty. I didn't enjoy the game at all because it was so poorly played. The guy I was playing against was pissing me off too. After I ended up resigning (out of frustration because he was pretty much suiciding on the board and would not resign nor listen to the suggestions I was making to him) he told me he was playing a teaching game with me and he just wanted to see if I would catch his mistakes. I told him that seriously doubt he is as strong as me (which is not saying much, I am a horribly weak player and what little understanding of the game I did have, I've probably lost since I haven't played in so long). I told him that I felt insulted by how he was playing. He promised to play a better game the next time though. If you want to see what a crap game it was, you can download it here. I will warn you though, even as 9x9 games go, it was quite terrible on both sides probably.

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April 23, 2008

Random Updates

Seems like one thing after another keeps happening to me. I finally got moved into a new place. The floor plan is exactly the same as the other house I was in. The only difference in the two houses is that the landlord here takes better care of his properties. This place has central air and heat (that I never turn on but I have and it works fine) and the only room with carpet is the living room. The two bedrooms are hardwood floor and the kitchen and bathroom have that cheap tile stuff (but it looks decent). The bathroom has a shower too. The only thing the other landlord did was attach one of the shower heads in the tub but the walls were just paint so it got moldy. I would always hook the shower head over one of the bars since it was high enough. Who wants to sit in the tub and clean yourself. The rent here is higher, 575/mo but that's not too bad. He doesn't care about my cats either. There is a pet deposit I owe of 280 but I haven't paid it yet. I've been here since the beginning of the month. When I give him the rent for next month I will give him an extra 100 so I can slowly get the deposit paid off.

My car stopped working :-/ . I had it towed to the shop. The guy says the alternator went bad. He's charging me 380 to replace it. It's 150 something for the part and the rest is labor. I won't be able to pay him until I get paid Friday but it will be fixed by the end of today. Without a car I will have to pay someone to take me back and forth to work for the rest of this week. I'm flat broke too. I just did buy some more cat food. I ran completely out yesterday. More later.

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