November 26, 2010

facebook wtf

I think my account was just hit by the facebook copyright nazis. I was replying to a comment by my nephew about pokemon black and white. He wanted to have a copy of it so I was asking him if he even knew about roms and what not and to answer me back and I would upload or explain it to him. Next thing I know "Account Temporarily Unavailable Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes." One can only hope it gets restored instead of being zapped into oblivion. I really don't know if I would bother making another account if that happened.

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November 15, 2010

surprising message

I got an e-mail today from Alexandre Dinerchtein. He is a professional Go player from Russia. He is 3-dan in the Korean Baduk Association. We were born in the same year lol (so sayith Wikipedia). He wanted me to link some of his sites on here. I wonder how he got my e-mail address as its not the one I list on here for contact. I'll just keep it a mystery I guess. Anyway if you like go feel free to visit his sites that I have posted in the sites I like section. He runs the insei league on kgs and his homepage is here and both of these links are in sites I like plus the ones following it were asked to be added by him. He's not a bad looking guy ;)

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November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day and other things

I wish I could just sleep through today until it is over. My brother would have been 31 today. I still miss him terribly. Being so close in age (he was only 11 months older than me) means we liked a lot of the same things. He was really into anime and electronics. I always see stuff online that makes me think of him. Think that he would like to see this or that.

I'm still pissed about his wife taking everything of his. We didn't get anything. I do have some of his stuff that was in my storage. I had called the place after I came back from the funeral. Multiple people have tried to gain access. I'm glad I had the thought to get the lock changed. I had asked his wife for the key since my brother had it. She told me she didn't know where it was. She had called me a few weeks later saying she had the fucking key and tried to get into the storage but the storage lady wouldn't let her back there as she did not have the code. That lady knows who the hell I am. I've been paying that storage for years. She isn't getting anything out of there and I told her as much. She could have at least let me have his laptop. My aunt bought him that laptop as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. She had called me out of the blue and asked what would I like. He had been talking to me about how his laptop was fucked so that was the first thing I thought about and she sent us both one.

I hope my brother is happy wherever he is and this is probably one of the last posts I will make about him. I don't like to think about him at all now. I know I will never forget him but its just easier for my own mental stability to not think about him. It took me a couple of weeks not to wake up crying. I dream about him sometimes like he is still here but I guess that's normal. Some days I only think about him once or twice. Hopefully I will have days where I don't think about him at all but it has not happened yet. Its funny how you only think about something like that once someone you know dies. I have other family and they rarely cross my mind day to day. Frankly it hurts too much to think about him and what I've lost.

Anyway happy veterans day to all who have served and loved ones of those who did.

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