December 27, 2013

Over 3 years

Man, it has been a while since I've posted anything. Mostly it has been lack of motivation. Since my last posts I have moved to Oklahoma and I am the office manager at a non profit school for special needs adults. Its going on two years since I've had this job. I like it well enough. I was hired to just be the book keeper but I actually do all of the company accounting, including the business taxes. I have no major complaints other than them abusing my good nature with secretarial work since they won't try to raise money to hire a secretary. Whenever I get asked to type up flyers or other documents I take my sweet time. Its just irritating to be asked when the people asking could just take the time to do that shit themselves and it would probably get done sooner if they did instead of asking me but w/e.

I did start going back to school. I still need 10 or so classes for my degree. I would get done sooner if I would take them 3 at a time but I just don't know. I did that last session and I was able to pull a B out of the classes I took. It was very stressful on top of work. I will be glad when this is over.

My mom and my sister are doing as well as can be expected. We are still here. That has to count for something I guess. My nephew is nearly a man, he turned 16 this year. He got a Camaro for his birthday. That's the car he said he wanted (his birthday was back in April) but the other day he told me he'd rather have a truck or at least something that is not down so low. Oh well, he should be satisfied that he has anything. I got a car myself a few months ago but mine is a Jeep Compass. Not that I have a license but that doesn't stop me from rolling around in it.

There's not much else going on in my life. I still idle on various IRC networks and what not. I don't watch much anime these days. I did watch Sunday Without God recently though. It was ok. I wish I could find the light novels. I'm sure that would be better. I haven't actively been looking. I haven't been practicing Japanese at all or getting new materials for my IRC channel. Perhaps that will be one of my New Years resolutions. I haven't played go in forever too. I was already quite horrible and now I have probably lost the very little I did know. I should also try and learn Mandarin. My sister and I plan on going to Shanghai for a week in April. Who knows though. As always, more later (eventually).

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