September 28, 2004

Must find job >.>

I've been so lazy these past few days. I did, indeed, graduate Friday. It was a nice graduation too. The Valedictorian(sp?) had us all in tears. We were fine until she got up there. I probably won't even speak to my classmates again but oh well, that's how life is. We all go our seperate ways. I have phone numbers of a few of the ones who I actually considered a friend so I might call them up in a few weeks to see if they have found work yet or not.

I'm going out today to take care of some business (part of which will be to put in applications in various places). I need to go to Columbus Tech or call them up and ask some questions. I want to get into their registered nurse program very badly. There is a ton of competition. Some people have been on a wait list for TWO YEARS. I don't have time for that shit but I would have to wait. I have been told that NOBODY will take Columbus Tech credits. So I'd have to start all over no matter where I went. That's some bullshit. They don't take them because Columbus Tech classes are still on a technical level and not academic. Columbus Tech just did become Columbus Technical College two or three years ago. I remember because when I first started going it was Columbus Technical Institute and the next year they changed to College.

Other than that, not much else is going on in my life. I'm still in need of money but that's always how it is. I have enough to pay 100 dollars on my phone bill (it isn't due until the 3rd so I have some time...) but I need 150 to pay on my light bill. My sister said she'd send me some money on the 1st and I was supposed to get a check for 100 dollars from my aunt but it never made it. It got sent back, the wrong address was on it. I never got the package my sister sent either but I'm not going to keep talking about that.

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September 24, 2004

3 hours and counting

Graduation is finally upon me. I didn't think I'd really be graduating. I've always been good at bookwork and worse at the real application of skills. I did quite poorly at clinicals. My grade for it was a 77 but my classroom grade was a 90something so my overall grade was around 85. I guess I should be happy about it, that I passed at all, but I don't particularly care. I wish I could skip graduation altogether but oh well. I have to go and besides my mom wants to attend. I bought 6 cases of sodas for graduation and I need to buy the ice. Will get it when I leave this morning.

I don't really want to be dealing with people. I don't hate it exactly but I don't particularly like it either. I'd rather have a desk job somewhere. I need to put forth more effort to getting one. I'm sure there's more to working in hospitals and shit than wiping somebody's ass. I want to be riding a desk o.o

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September 14, 2004

life sucks ... so bad

Well, here I am sitting at home. I should be working at the clinical site but I can't. I had to go home. I've been feeling all fucked up lately. I'm surprised I made it through yesterday and actually managed to wake up today. More and more I'm wishing I didn't wake up at all and I don't really understand why that is exactly. My back is killing me, I have a headache and a stomachache and am just so god damn tired. I can't seem to get moving at all anymore. I really did want to work today. I should have kept my damn mouth shut... well not really since I'd be endangering patients but still.

I feel so bad about yesterday because I realize that's just what I was doing. Half the time I was walking around and I couldn't remember what I was doing out in the hall or which way I should be going and what to do next. I remember bits and pieces of conversation yesterday, mostly the instructor telling me I was slow but that's the only thing I actually heard her say while I was standing there. The rest were just her lips moving and muffled. I don't even know if I was really taking people's vital signs yesterday. I know we do that stuff on Monday and I remember getting 110/60 for somebody's blood pressure but I don't really remember anything else. I'm good at getting vital signs usually. I have a slight problem with getting blood pressure sometimes but I can get it if I concentrate. I don't know what the hell is going on.

I'm sitting here waiting for my mom's friend to come. He says he'll be here by 10 so hopefully I'll be ready to go. I should have had my friend drop me off at the medical center but I was getting more and more dizzy. There's no way I'd be able to get up there and then walk home. I wanted to wait until my brother got off of work so he could take me but my mom told me he's in the damn field. I'm pretty sure he'd be back sometime tonight though, he's in and out of the field like that usually instead of just staying out there for two weeks he gets to go home at night.

I think I may have had a slight episode when I was at the clinical site now that I think about it. I was sent to go get my friend so she could take me home or whatever. The instructor told me to tell her to come here and to come right back. I didn't come back. I was in the room with her and I heard on the call system to go to the nursing station. I know I had just gone out of the room to get some sheets since my friend needed to make up the resident's bed... but what the hell was I doing exactly because I must've been gone for a while. Was I just standing in there? I don't think I'll say anything to them about that.

I guess I'll listen to some music for a while. I don't really feel like getting up out of the damn chair. My back hurts. It's not the middle of my back or anything like it being strained. Right across my hips and back it hurts and I feel so stiff.

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September 07, 2004


It seems that my favorite radio station has had a format change. Instead of playing a little bit of everything, it has changed into a hip hop/R&B station. I think that sucks ass seriously. But what sucks most of all is that I can no longer listen to the MJ Morning show. I have been an avid listener ever since it was available here in Columbus. I wake up to it and now I have nothing. What the hell are TPTB thinking and who the hell do I complain to I wonder. Geeze. There are a few different R&B stations here already. I guess I'll just have to give up listening to the radio and just listen to winamp like I use to do back in the olden days before MJ :(

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September 05, 2004

First part over

I passed the written part of the state exam with an 80. Not many passed...I was pretty surprised. I thought I would have done better but hell, I'll take that 80 and be glad of it. A couple of people passed with 75 (the minimum required to pass) and one girl got a 74. I know she was pissed beyond belief. The questions seemed pretty straight forward. I'm surprised I missed 20 out of 100 but I should be glad of only missing that many. The others have 2 more tries. I don't know when they'll be taking it though. There is no class Monday for the Labor Day holiday and tuesday-thursday we will be doing clinicals. Friday we (those who passed the first part of the exam...) will be taking the final part. I hope I pass that. The first test is really nothing. Especially since you get 3 tries. The second part you only get one shot. If you fail you can't take it again until the next class and that will suck ballz. I think I'm going to take some time tomorrow to study procedures...Not like I have anything better to do really. Don't feel like having a bbq nor attending someonen else's.

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September 02, 2004

almost time >.>

I better make sure to get a good night's rest and a decent breakfast in preparation for tomorrow. I take the first part of the nurse aide exam. I should do decently. We took a practice test before clinicals and I made a 90 on it. It was 75 questions. The real test is 100 questions. I'd be amazed if I failed on the first try (never know though, I may just end up having a bad day). Then the Friday after that is the second part of the test. If I don't pass that, I'll be pissed seriously. I'd have to wait until the next class is taking that part for me to be able to take it again. That would be really crappy. My brother is getting married tomorrow and I can't go because of the test. I don't really care though, I'm not much for weddings and things like that.

I STILL have not gotten the package my sister said she sent. I'm pretty sure the post office has screwed me again but oh well. Nothing to be done about it at this point. Isn't the first time I haven't gotten mail. The postal service really sucks nowadays. Makes me sick.

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