October 28, 2004

post about nothing

Another boring day. There was a lunar eclipse last night. Was pretty neat. Was sorta foggy/hazy but I was able to see the moon turn an orangish color. They call it the Blood Moon. I told my mom and a few people online about it since it didn't seem that they were aware of it happening. I need to look for work more dilligently, I know that. I get tired of being flat broke. I can't even buy groceries. Eating chicken every day is getting annoying but there's nothing else. I've had my fill of ramen as well for the moment.

I called the credit card people yesterday. I've only been able to pay 15 dollars a month on the bill but that doesn't stop the late fee and over the limit fee from being applied to my account each month. Damn thing is already over 500 dollars because of those fees. I get 59 dollars added to it each month unless I pay like 80 bucks at one time and then I'll be able to just make 15 dollar payments. If I did have 80 bucks I'd try to get a washing machine with it. Fuck that credit card. I can't even call the people to cancel it, they forward calls made by me to a collection agency and they can't cancel it. There's NO way to contact these fuckers directly unless I write them a letter and there is no fucking guarantee they would even respond to it. Even if I did cancel the card I'd still get fees added to it reguardless. They try to fuck you either way. Oh well...

I would actually be able to get a washer if I knew somebody with a truck. But I don't and my mom doesn't know anybody. I'm going to ask my sister if there's anybody she can contact here because i want that damn washing machine. I can't keep going on without one.

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October 22, 2004

just killing time

Seems I still have dsl so I'll probably have it until monday. That's good. Nothing worse than spending the weekend without internet access lol. Just sitting here watching a special on CBS about Ray Charles. Usher is singing Georgia on My Mind. He's doing it decently but you just can't match how Ray Charles sings it. It's one of my favorite songs considering I live in Georgia, and have lived, for all my life. I'll probably always be here. I do hope, though, to be able to visit Japan one day while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. I need to start moving my ass about it. I need to get back in school and start moving forward. Time waits for no woman and all that.

I've been leeching anime like crazy since last night. I'm going to have to break down and leech naruto ep 104 and 105 from anbudom. I feel like a traitor to animeone but they're taking too god damn long and I just want to watch the episodes. Will replace them with animeone releases later for archiving but shit, I can't wait on them when my net could go down at any moment bellsouth decides is the right time to pull it. I've leeched Final Approach ep 1 and 2 by Froth Bite, SunaBouzu ep 1 by lunar and ep 3 of bleach -- I'm too lazy to download keeps version. I've leeched ep 1 of Gankutsuou by akraze. Ah I leeched ep 1 and 2 of Uta-Kata from lunar as well. Will watch them over the weekend more than likely.

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October 21, 2004

Samurai Champloo <3

I have FINALLY found the song that was on episode 14 of this series. The artist is Ikue Asazaki and it's the first track off of the Utabautayun album. I have been wanting this song for weeks on end. I might just rip the audio off of the anime episode though since it has dialog in it.

I finally got my check card back but NO pin number. Isn't that nice. I think they send it seperately. That's fucking retarded. So now I have to wait on that. I never got it the first time I got my card resent to me. Bastards. I got a reimbursement check too for 42 dollars. I could pay my dsl bill but I don't think I will. It will really suck ass to be back on dialup but I need a washing machine very very badly. I wonder what kind of stuff like that they have on ebay... I should check it out tonight...

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October 20, 2004

bills suck

Bills suck almost as much as having no job to pay them. I STILL have not found work. I've put in applications everywhere I can think of and no call backs. Now I will really have to start suffering because I cannot pay my internet bill and my light bill at the same time. It has to be one or the other and I will have to pay the lights. ONLY because the internet bill is 157 dollars and it has to be paid in full. I don't have that amount so I'll pay the light bill and the rent and go without internet. I'm a complete internet junkie, I don't know how I'm going to make it without a connection to download music and anime with. This really makes me sick. I haven't been without dsl for like two years. *cries*

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October 15, 2004

a whole lotta nothing

I went to an interview Wednesday that went nowhere. I didn't get the job since I don't have a driver's license and access to a car. The interview was for a part-time clerk. I didn't know you needed a car in order to be able to ride a desk. Bastards. Oh well, will have to search for something else and as quickly as possible.

I had a very disturbing dream this morning. I've forgotten most of it (as usual). I was on the phone with my grandmother and she was crying (she died a few months ago...). She was down in Florida (as far as I know gran was in California her whole life...) and by herself. Her son (my dad) and her daughter both didn't seem to visit her or call her or anything (which is exactly the opposite of how they were in rl, they were always over her house). She was crying because she was lonely and I told her why not move to Georgia (where I am) so she could be with me. I woke up soon after that. I took so long to write about this that I don't remember any other portions of the dream.

There was another dream I had the other day though and I only remember part of it. I wasn't really in the dream myself, I was watching other people. There was this girl who had a golden egg. She was running with this guy and they were being chased. Somebody wanted to destroy the egg before it got the chance to hatch and the girl was trying to save it. It had a name but I've forgotten it, I seriously need to write this stuff down sooner. The guy ended up being caught but the girl got away with the egg and it started to crack prematurely. Whatever was in it had some sort of psychic ability and it ended up being evil. Years later the girl (now a woman) was still with it and was in a rowboat. The egg (which never fully cracked but got bigger) was telling her about it's plan to hurt so many thousands of people and because it was so strong she couldn't really do anything but whatever it said. Pretty pathetic, I got the feeling she thought it would have been better if she let him be destroyed instead of being able to live and get stronger.

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October 11, 2004

Remembering old times and the death of a superhero

My brother decided to drop by today (he's here almost every day actually...). He had purchased a new phone and wanted to charge it up and what not. My mom was asleep in the other room so he wanted to use my computer. I had told him that Christopher Reeves had died and we started recounting the good old days. He says he remembers when I told him Reeves had broken his neck. Here's a brief look at how the discussion went when we were talking about it:

*bro sits down at the computer*

Me: You know, Christopher Reeves has died.

*bro turns the chair sideway and looks at me*

Him: What really? Damn. I remember when you told me he broke his neck. I was like FUCK, how does Superman break his god damn neck? On a stupid horse. Geeze. I'd see if it was Batman. He was a normal guy so I could see him slipping and falling and cracking his shit but SUPERMAN? I could even see Spiderman breaking his neck since he does all that jumping around but NOT Superman. He was the original. He was THE man. Sis, what kind of world is it when superheros can break their god damn necks?

*I start laughing*

Him: I'm serious though, he was great. He was SUPERMAN. Everybody else who played the role was just an imitation. I do like Smallville though. They picked great people for his role and Lana Lang, I'll give them that much. I wonder if they are going to have Superman marathons or something, they have to pay tribute to him. I'm sure they are cooking it up right now.

*I nod*

After that we started talking about old television shows like Star Trek:TNG, Earth2, Outer Limits and the new Outer Limits and Nightmare Cafe. That was back when tv was tv and not none of this reality bullshit. If I want reality I can look outside of my god damn window. We can both still remember when the Sci-Fi channel was just going operational. They started with a countdown of a few days. We were in middle school I think and we just came across the channel and was wondering what it was counting down to. A couple of days later it was on the air and they were playing scifi cartoons and stuff in the mornings. I feel so old lol I can remember when MTV was just starting too. They use to play Red Dwarf and this gameshow called Remote Control. I remember them showing Aeon Flux as well. Those really were the times I suppose.

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October 04, 2004

another sucky month

I usually love October. But it's too damn hot and I'm too damn broke. I guess I tend to like holiday seasons in general. I haven't been looking for a job AT ALL. I've put in some applications but I'm really not all that enthusiastic about working for somebody. I seriously need to start actively seeking work. Problem is, I really don't give a damn wheither I work or not. I know that sucks ass but I can't get motivated. I've always not really worked. I use to do some stuff online for cash but I'm not even interested in that anymore.

Isn't it fall already? WHY IS IT SO GOD DAMN HOT? I hate Georgia weather. I don't know any other type of weather though since I've been here all my life. I'd have the AC on but my lightbill is already in lunar orbit so it's my hope that next month's bill will be lower. Never can tell though.

My sister called me a few minutes ago. She has a three page journal due to be turned in by tomorrow. She called me and asked if I'd write it up and e-mail it to her. What the hell am I supposed to write? I wouldn't begin to know what to write. I'm not use to just BS-ing when I write something, especially not like I'm somebody else. It sucks not having an imagination I suppose.

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