November 29, 2004

spoke too soon

I am just now getting back online after a week or so of having NO inet access. I must say it sucked balls. I haven't even done much online though now that I'm back. My computer started crashing each time I tried to download something. So I guess I'll use the other one to leech stuff off of BT. My brother says he's going to pay my light bill and my dsl bill so I'm going to hold him to that. I hope he does because I can't get 165 bucks from anybody anytime soon. I haven't really been actively seeking work with the holiday and all. All of that is over and I need to seriously look for work. I doubt I will until January if I can help it. I really suck don't I? I need to call columbus tech and see if I missed preregistration or not. I know regular registration starts in January. I don't really care for going back to school AT ALL but I need to attempt to do something.

Nothing going on right now anyways. I'm in an irc channel (like always) chatting about go for the moment. Now, I suck ass at go. I'm not even going to lie about it. I'm so very bad that words can barely describe it. I have won a few games with people equally as bad as I am, however. I do know the basic concepts of the game and I can formulate some simple strategies. I just can't read very far since I haven't been playing against people for very long. Someone is chatting with me saying that they enjoy playing chess more. He says that he can tell who is going to win from the game after the first 4 moves. I have, at one point in time, tried to learn how to play chess. I did learn the basic rules like how the pieces move and what not so that may even be possible to know who will win within the first few opening moves. But in go that is so NOT possible. Especially not in a 19X19 game. Hell, I doubt you can predict who's going to win in the first 5 or 10 moves of a 9X9 game. There are just too many variations of play in go as compared to chess. Go may be a LOT easier to learn than chess, but it's also a LOT more complicated than chess will EVER be. I mean you have computer programs that can beat even some of the best chess players. You would be hard pressed to find a go program that could beat a high level AMATEUR go player. Actually, as far as I know, there is NO program like that in this day and time. Maybe in the next 100 or 200 years that might be possible but right now there's no way that's going to happen.

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November 09, 2004

still online XD

I dunno how long though. My bill was indeed due on the 3rd but I've paid 100 dollars on it today. The total I needed was 265 so who knows. I don't have 165 more to pay on that damn bill and that part is for dsl. I have 100 dollars more in the bank but I'll need that to pay at least 15 on my credit card which will do no good since I need to pay like 60 dollars at once on that shit to stop getting all those damn fees attatched to it and I don't want to spend that much because I'll have to pay on my lights again soon.

Nothing good is going on, that's for sure. Well, one thing did. My washing machine works again. My brother had someone come over here to look at it. The guy said it was unbalanced(which I already of the legs on it broke somehow...) and he said not to put such heavy loads in it. My wardrobe consists of mostly jeans and I usually just stuff in like 7 or so pairs so I'll go easy on it. It sucked like hell having to wash clothes over someone else's house. It's not fun at all...

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November 08, 2004

Is today the day I wonder...

Well it's the start of a new week. I haven't paid my phone or dsl bill yet this month and it was due on the 3rd. Will I stay connected today or will it be shut off, that is the question :P. I actually have the money to pay the bill but no way to get there. I'll probably have to walk to my bank (which isn't even all that close to me) and deposit the money and pay online at the library or some shit if I'm cut off. I'll know by 9:30a.m. I guess. If it's going to happen today, that would be when.

I have to seek employment today as well. There is supposedly a nursing home near me but I went looking for it last week and I didn't see the damn thing anywhere. Apparently there's no fucking sign. 3 or 4 different people have given me directions to it but I didn't see it. Was out walking for two hours and didn't see it. That pisses me off. And they are all like it was RIGHT THERE. Fuck you people, you probably have only heard about it your damn selves and not actually gone to see if it was there >_>

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November 03, 2004

dreams of david copperfield?

My brother called me a few minutes ago asking for a damn phone number. Don't they have phone books on military bases? I was sleeping good too, that bastard. But anyways what I can remember of the dream was David Copperfield. NO I wasn't really dreaming about him, just of him. I was in a room with my mom and my brother and we were watching tv I think. We were discussing something but I can't remember what it was and he somehow got brought up. I was like I remember when he was first being shown on public television. His hair was long, not down his back or anything, but to his shoulders. He was so sexy back then. Nowadays I know that he wears his hair short and it lookes like he got a bit thinner than in his early super popular days. Such is the pity. I use to love watching his magic shows whenever he was on television.

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November 01, 2004

another day in the life of...

It is my aim this week to at least get some good prospects for a job. I get so tired of being broke. I need a new washing machine. I need to be able to save up for transportation. I need groceries. I need a lot of things. I'm going to have trouble paying my bills this month but eh, that's an every month thing. My brother was going to pay my light bill but he's no longer able. His wife completely screwed him. He's been in the field for 3 weeks and he got home to an empty apartment Saturday. She took all the furniture, all of the food in the fridge (that I paid for, that evil bitch) and even the soap out of the bathroom. What kind of shit is that. He took his ATM card away from her but he fucked up and left some checks in the house so she wrote some and cashed them at the bank. He had just gotten paid probably Friday night so he won't have any money and no food until he gets paid again on the 15th. That's some crooked shit but oh well.

I think I'm definately getting cut off on dsl in another hour or two. Last night I was unable to send e-mails. I was getting a 502 error. I can still check e-mails but not send any. Nothing I can do about it though. The money I do have, I will have to pay on my electric bill because It's due to be disconnected Wednesday. I called my dad and asked him for 150 dollars. That's how much needs to be paid on the lights. He says he can send 100 and he'd do it today. I won't have enough to cover everything. I just hope I can pay my phone bill on time, being without internet is one thing. I can't handle having my phone cut off.

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