October 26, 2006


I have passed the cna test for Kansas. I would have been so fucking pissed off if I had failed lol. Man, that is such a weight off of my shoulders. My sister just called me and told me she passed too. It would have been really retarded if she had failed. She's a damn RN. Oh well, time for bed XD

I did end up taking the pills they had to cure scabies. I had to come to work half an hour early. I was told that it was mandatory to come or I would be taken off the schedule. This place sucks.

Since I have gotten my cna stuff taken care of here, I will go ahead and request to take the TB test. I didn't want to take that shit for no reason. I hate getting stuck with needles T_T

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October 24, 2006

Scavenger Hunt

I'm such a sad and lazy person. There is some sort of trio activity going on. A few people have approached me to sign their scavenger hunt list. I gave one guy a grocery reciept and another person a piece of candy. I'd like to participate in the trio stuff but I'm usually too damn tired or too lazy (like now). Some guy gave away one of his socks for the cause lol.

I have to go to work after class today. I didn't say that I would come in. Linda didn't ask me at all. She only had one person scheduled to work today for second shift. She asked my sister if she would come in and then asked her if she thought I would. She pretty much volunteered me again to come in to work. I am going to ask if I will be gettin premium pay for today or if I will be able to come in from now on on tuesdays and thursdays so that I can start getting every other weekend off. I bet you anything she won't give me premium pay even though I didn't fucking request to work. She better do one or the other or I'm going to turn my ass right back around and go home. She acts like the money is hers or some shit. She kills me. I hate her dumb ass too. valley view needs to hurry up and get a DON so she can go back to the fucking floor.

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October 23, 2006


This sort of thing is why I hate working in nursing homes. You can catch any damn thing. I don't have scabies, or at least I don' think I do (I hope not). There are a few residents in the home that are pretty much on fire with it. I have a flea problem and I get itchy but I'm not going to take the pill they want to give the residents and employees for it if they think they have it. I don't feel like getting up early just to go there. I'm not even going to the health insurance meeting. If they are going to change providers, they are going to change. I don' see why I have to sit there for 2 hours for no reason. I need another damn job.

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October 18, 2006

Another birthday pretty much over

I don't recall what the hell I was doing on my birthday last year. Probably nothing in particular. My mom and sister got me a DS. I had been thinking of getting one for a while but didn't want to spend the money so that's good. My sister got me a mickey mouse pullover and I got some house shoes. The ones I was walking around in were pretty well gone hehehe.

On a bad note though, I took the CNA test here. Its been two years sinece I've had to take it and I couldn't remember shit. I probably failed. Oh well.

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October 17, 2006

Haven't missed much

Well, I actually came to my accounting class today. I haven't missed much. We started chapter 6 and it doesn't seem too complicated. I know some people like to stay for the entire class and do some of the assignments and not have to worry about them but I'd rather do that stuff at home. I have to go to my salesmanship class today and after that I have to walk down to the nursing home. I don't know what possessed me to say that I'd come in from 6-10:30 today and thursday. I have tomorrow off and I should have just let that shit be it. I could have done a double on saturday or something to make up for the missing day but oh well. I want to do doubles over the weekend but I can't bring myself to do it. My checks would be so much better if I could get in one or two days of doubles. I said I was going to see if I could start coming in on tuesdays and thursdays after class but I don't know. I'd rather just have the downtime afterwards. If I did, I could start having every other weekend off. That would be nice.

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October 16, 2006

I wonder will I actually pass...

I haven't been able to go to my classes for like the last two weeks or so. They only meet twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've missed a test in each class. I got to take a make-up in the accounting class and all I can get is an 80. I dunno about that damn test though. I did it all but it wasn't as complete as tests usually are. I didn't do a trial balance since the instructions didn't ask for one. I usually do one but I figured that shit wouldn't add up anyways because there wasn't a capital or drawing account anyhow. I didn't put numbers on the subsidiary accounts either. I just did remember to number the ledger accounts. Not that anybody who doesn't take accounting classes would know what the hell I'm talking about but yeah, that test felt a little half-assed. It's more my paranoia than anything I suppose.

I expected to be taking two tests today. I have one to take in salesmanship too but it wasn't left in the tutoring center and it wasn't in the instructor's box. There's nothing I can do about that. I have some work to turn in for that class too but I don't have the damn documents on my zip drive. It's on my laptop. I probably won't get credit for it if/when I turn it in. I'll be glad to make it out of salesmanship with a C. Hell, I'll be happy to make it out of both of my classes with a C.

My birthday is two days away. I will have to go to Manhatten to take the CNA test. I think it's so stupid that Kansas requires you to take that shit if you are trying to get your certification switched over. I hear other states don't do that. I had to pay 20 bucks just for the application and another 20 to actually take the test. They try to suck you dry here and hassle you on top of that. If I don't pass the test the first time, I have to take the CNA classes here. These people have lost their fucking minds. I've been certified for over two years now.

My job is seriously fucking with me. I have extreme dislike for this lady there named Linda. She's an idiot. She use to be the director of nursing a while back but she was DEMOTED because the ran the place into the ground. I don't know why she is a coordinator of the facility (NO you are NOT the DON...YOU AREN'T). There is no DON now. There was one but he was on contract and he left a few weeks ago. She likes to think she is the DON now and she walks around like she's a boss or something. She has NO people skills. She doesn't know how to talk to people at all. If the company has any sense (which I'm beginning to doubt) they will not consider her for the DON position ever again. She used to work at another facility as the DON and the aides all walked out on her ass. They wouldn't come back in until the administrator fired her on the spot.

Yesterday I was leaning on one of the carts in front of the den. I had my cellphone on it and I was playing tetris. There wasn't anything in particular I had to do right at that moment because everything was done. Anyway, Linda comes up to me and is like 'you need to put that cell phone away before I take it away from you for the rest of the shift'. I had to just look at her for a few seconds. I am too nice when it comes to these people. For one thing, I'm a grown woman and not some little kid. She is always talking out the side of her neck to me for some reason (her idiocy maybe). The day that she even attempts to take away my PERSONAL property that I pay for is not going to happen on this plane of existance nor the next so I don't know what the fuck she was talking about. Well, it could happen, but they will be calling the cops and an ambulance because someone is going to be in need of some emergency medical assistance and It isn't going to be me. I know that you aren't supposed to talk on your cellphone out in the halls but HELLO, I WASN'T TALKING ON MY PHONE NOR SENDING TEXT MESSAGES. I WAS JUST HOLDING IT PRETTY DAMN MUCH.

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