November 27, 2006

*GASP* my google page ranking has gone down

I tell you the truth..I wonder what determines your page ranking anyway. Yesterday it was 5/10 and now it's dropped down to 4. That makes me very sad T_T. Oh well though, not like I actively promote my site or anything.

On another note, I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to class tomorrow or not. There is a test for accounting waiting for me. I do need to go. I probably have no chance of passing my salesmanship class. I don't even care though. I hate that damn class. I need to get some sort of lame ass business class that I can take online and save myself the horror of actually sitting there through the monotony. I've signed up to take 4 classes next term and I see that 3 of them are available online. I'm going to have to see if I can take the online versions and if they will transfer to K State. I sure hope they do. I plan on taking Accounting II, US History II, and uh...Comp II.

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November 24, 2006

Such an ordeal

I'm almost on my way to changing my blog to a different web host. I just need to alter the dns settings and hope for the best. I tried to upgrade to MT 3.3 and import the blog entries but that shit did not work. It said it imported them but it didn't. I still have the original install files of this version so I just installed it and imported the entries that way. I wish I would have done that from the start instead of just trying to move everything over. I've been fiddling with this damn thing for a couple of days. I tried to upgrade the blog on the other server and ended up killing the backend. I couldn't log in to manage the blog but comments and stuff still worked on it. There was no visible downtime so good for me o.o

The next thing I have to do is switch this blog to drupal. Who knows if I'll ever actually do that. It took so damn long just to change this crap to a new server (because of my mild retardation apparently).


Well, I've switched everything over. I seriously doubt I will change my blog to drupal. Not for a few months at least. I"m just too lazy to do it right now since I would have to upgrade to the current version of MT to make it possible.

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November 21, 2006

she's definately preggie o.o

A few weeks ago Susumu got out of the house. She was out there for about an hour. Lately it seems like her belly gets bigger every day. Sonar doesn't seem too happy and he's always meowling and driving me insane so I guess he isn't the one who knocked her up. Oh well, too bad for him. After she has her first litter, she's getting fixed and so is he.

My 1and1 hosting will expire sometime next month. I have to upgrade the account. The only problem is that before I do, I have to make a backup of everything on my website. That's no problem really... I do that periodically anyway. It sucks that this account doesn't have SSH. I think that's really crap. Their basic account doesn't come with a mysql database either. The basic one would have enough for my purposes I guess. I only used the database that came with this account for developmental reasons anyhow *sigh*. I don't want to use this account to keep my blog anymore. For one, 1and1 web hosting sucks. I mostly use this account to register domain names. I'm going to move my blog to my other host. I just have to upgrade the blog first because this thing is old so some issues have come up with the flatfile database it's using XD.

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November 09, 2006

in for a long night

I have to work a 12 hour shift tonight. I agreed to work for someone. I've picked up some more hours over the thanksgiving holiday too. I want that overtime. I'm going to be one tired ass but at least I'll have some money to burn. I talked to one of the people who works 3rd regularly and she said it isn't all that bad. The only thing that goes on is doing rounds to make sure people are dry and those who are on turn schedules need to be turned. Other than that, you wash wheelchairs/walkers of those who will be getting a shower the next day. Shouldn't be too hard but I like my sleep and I won't be able to get any (besides the large amount I've already slept today).

On another note, I put up some pictures of my cats on I need to move this blog to my other web host soon. I can't find the god damn time. I'm going to have to upgrade my package with 1and1 since I'm on the preview one now and the basic package they have doesn't come with a mysql database, not that I happen to be using it right now but I will have to in order to upgrade this thing to the current version since I have some issues with the flatfile database I'm using. Its really not possible to switch the database to the new host without a LOT of hassle.

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November 03, 2006

I'm too kind-hearted (and gullible too probably...)

My sister was telling me that she needed to send 1000 bucks to some lawyer in texas to have some charges dropped with a situation going on down there. I gave her half of the money yesterday but now I'm completely fucking broke XD. I planned on buying a PS3 to sell on ebay but I don't think I'll be able to do it now. I do get paid the day before it's released but if I buy one, I won't have any money afterwards *sigh*. She did say she was going to pay me back but she's not going to pay me back all at once (yes, I know that I'm a don't have to tell me). I don't know why I do these sorts of things :-/

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