December 22, 2006

WOOHOO I Passed!

Yay, I have passed both of my Fall classes. I got an A in accounting I (of course) and a C in salesmanship. I'm damn proud of that C too lol. Now I don't have to worry about taking any other sort of business class since I did pass that one. I'm sleepy as hell. I woke up at around 5a.m. this morning and just though, 'damn, last night ended too soon'. I was really angry when I woke up and saw the time too. Oh well, another sucky work day ahead. I'm off next weekend, for both days. I'm glad. This will be the FIRST time that I've been off two days in a row. I can't wait. I'm probably gonna sleep all fucking day Saturday.

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December 19, 2006

Four days old

My kittens are so fluffy and adorable. You can see them here :

Other than that, nothing at all is going on today. I called financial aide to make sure everything was OK with the online classes. I still haven't gotten the login info so I can start.

My sister is being selfish and doesn't plan on giving me back any of the money I loaned her anytime soon. That really pisses me off. She won't even get the printer she promised me for Christmas. She's saying she doesn't even have the money to pay on this car so I have to pay it. She was supposed to pay that shit off. That's why I only wanted 200 back out of the 500 I gave her. I should have kept my god damn money. I knew this was going to happen so I can only blame myself. I shouldn't have given her 250 on top of that since I know she doesn't give people their shit back. She says she wants to spend 1k on her son for Christmas but she can't fucking pay me. What kind of shit is that? My mom just told me she plans on going to Texas to spend Christmas with the guy she married but she's not taking her son. I think that's real stupid. Oh well though. I know she reads this blog but I don't give a crap. I put what I want to put on here, it doesn't matter who reads it. It's my thoughts as I have them. If you do happen to read this entry, you not paying me back AT ALL is really fucked up.

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December 15, 2006

Susumu is having babies!

She went into labor around 5a.m. this morning and the first kitten, a calico like herself, has arrived. It's around 7 now and the second one, tabby is here. Since the kittens have dried, it does look like Sonar is the culprit hehehe.

She looked as confused as I was about what to do with the kittens. I've never seen a cat give birth live and right next to me before. I hope they start nursing ok and I also hope she doesn't have more than one or two more of them. I want to keep all of the babies if I can. I'm going to have to move and soon into a place that can accommodate them all. If she has more than 4 I will have to give the rest away T_T

It's around 8 and she's had her second calico!

update #2
Well, the final results are in. There are 4 kittens. Two calico and the other two tabby cats. You can take a lookie here

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December 14, 2006

Classes almost done with but...

Well, I had given up all hope from passing my salesmanship class but the instructor sent me an e-mail saying she'll give me a break if I pass in all of the work and do the final and turn it in by noon tomorrow. I'm going to try my best and do all the work tonight. I think I need a power nap before I get started though lol. I've signed up for two online classes. It sucks that I can't sign up for more than two because Accounting II is also online. Its no big deal though. I wasn't able to show up in my class for a good bit during the last few weeks of it but the instructor didn't hold it against me because I still did all the work. I looked online and saw I made a 95 on the final exam. I thought for sure I failed it but I always think that and worry over it, I'm retarded like that.

My cat still hasn't had her litter yet. She looks like she is gonna pop any day now. I need to get my boy cat neutered and declawed but it'll be like 120 bucks and I'm poor >.>

I have to readd my black list to this thing. I've been getting hit with spam again already. Bastages.

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December 03, 2006

what a disturbing thought

I just saw a commercial for those Bratz kids dolls. It said th that before they were teenagers, they were kids. WTF is that. Teenagers ARE kids. That's what's wrong with society today. You have these asshat kids thinking they should be treated like they are grown. I don't care if you're 17, 18, or 19, you are STILL just a kid. Hell, you don't really get treated like an adult until you are 24 and older. I remember when I was going to college and I was 23, I still had to use my parents' financial information to apply for financial aide. That was stupid.

Anyhow, there hasn't been much going on lately. I took my cats to the vet to have them checked out. I had Sonar vaccinated. The total cost was 116. I have to go back in a month to get Sonar a booster shot. I also got some Revolution for them. I hope it works. Susumu should have her kittens in a couple of weeks too XD

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