January 30, 2007

waaaaaa SO CUTE

I am just obsessed about my cats. Tom got on the futon to lay down with Susumu so I had to take a few shots of them. I got a really good one. Then Sonar got up here so I got to take a good shot of the two of them together. I put them on liquidpanorama. You can view the specific ones I'm talking about here:

Susumu and Tom
Sonar and Tom

I've been lazy so I haven't really taken any good shots of the other kittens. I have decided who's getting which name, however. Tom and Jerry were easy since Tom looks like Sonar and Jerry has more white on him. I had the hardest time figuring out who I wanted to be Ayumu and who I wanted to be Fubuki. Ayumu has an orange ear that's the opposite of the one Susumu has and Fubuki has more white on her so that made me make my decision :)

School has been going ok. I've been as lazy as ever concerning doing any homework or actually even reading the assignments. I need to get my ass in gear. I will be taking an entrance essay for that stupid online english comp II class probably Thursday. I have set everything up and my Accounting instructor will proctor the essay. I haven't written anything in an EON. I could have damn sworn I took comp II before but oh well. I need to start on that class and U.S. History II.

Has everybody filed their taxes yet? I got my W-2 form yesterday. I would have filed last night but Turbo Tax was being a bitch. I had downloaded Georgia and didn't even use it so I had to pay 30 bucks to download Kansas so I could do my state taxes. POS. I got Turbo Tax deluxe with the deduction maximizer and what not. If all goes well, I should get around 1k back with federal and state. I hope all goes well lol. I get nervous when I send in my taxes. I always feel like maybe I did something wrong. Oh well, too late now. I hope the IRS doesn't reject it or something. Turbo Tax said there weren't any errors :P

I ordered a case of strawberry KitKats from JList. I wanted the Sakura flavor too but they are out of stock T_T.
Anyhow, not much more is going on. See everybody in February since I doubt I will post anything tomorrow.

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January 03, 2007

First post of the year

I meant to post on the 1st but I was working like usual so I do nothing but sleep and get up in time to get ready for work. Class is going to be starting up again soon. Registration is on the 11th and class begins on the 17th. Its starting up too damn soon. I feel like classes just let out.

My kittens are doing fine. One of them had only one eye open for a long while. I thought that there was something wrong with the poor thing but his eye opened up the other day. I really need to look for a place to stay. My sister took me to see this really nice house. I don't know how many rooms it is but it has a fenced in yard and everything. I wouldn't mind getting it if the rent wasn't too bad.

Work sucks like usual. I'm off today, Thursday and Friday though. I'm glad it worked out this way. I agreed to work 10p-6a last night on the agreement that I would be off today. I have someone that is going to work for me tomorrow, and I'm scheduled off Friday. Yay me :)

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